Jobs Vietnam foreigners are important for those who want to stay in Vietnam for a period. However, many people still do not know about the money-making opportunities here and how to get visa jobs in Vietnam. In this article, Wolo Tours will answer your questions and give you some suggestions for finding a job in this Asian country. Read it now!

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1. How to have visa jobs in Vietnam for foreigners?

International visitors can come to Vietnam to find work on a business visa or tourist visa if they meet the Vietnam visa requirements. Then when you get a new job, you will get a work permit from the competent authority with the sponsor by your employer.

However, you need to note one difference. The simplest way to apply for a business or tourist visa to Vietnam is to use a Vietnam visa on arrival through a visa center in Vietnam, which brings you useful Vietnam visa guide. This method is very popularly applied by people who want to find jobs in Vietnam for foreigners because of the following advantages:

  • No need for cumbersome documents.
  • Ask for simple information.
  • Registration is done online.
jobs Vietnam foreigners

Getting a visa for Vietnam job is not difficult

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2. Vietnam expat job opportunities

Today, Vietnam is one of the top choices not only for investors but also for foreign workers. Jobs in Vietnam for foreigners opportunities are increasingly diversified thanks to the recent strong development of this country. Some of the most popular jobs Vietnam foreigners today are:

  • The increasing appearance of international trade in all regions provides many Vietnam jobs for foreigners. With English subjects, native teachers will help increase the school’s prestige in the eyes of parents and students.
  • Professional jobs for foreigners are relatively few in this country because workers here mainly speak Vietnamese in communication, except for some big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, etc.
  • There are two optimal jobs in Vietnam for foreigners: Teaching English and volunteering for international organizations in this country. Those who only stay in Vietnam for a few months, should go and teach English.
  • Popular volunteer work here is working with orphans or disabled children, disadvantaged women, or working for non-governmental organizations.
  • For different work permit costs for different nationalities, foreigners can move to Vietnam to work or volunteer for the organization.
  • Alternatively, employers can pay for this permit as part of their terms of employment. To work or volunteer for organizations, foreigners need to pay the cost of a work permit. This cost should be clearly agreed upon in the employment contract and will usually be covered by the employer in full.
jobs vietnam foreigners

Vietnam has many expat job opportunities

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3. How to find Vietnam jobs for foreigners?

Job opportunities in Vietnam are always available, but many foreigners still have difficulty finding suitable jobs. One of the reasons for this inadequacy is not having a reputable source for job search. Here are some ways to find Vietnam jobs for foreigners:

3.1 Search for jobs Vietnam foreigners on the recruiting websites

First of all, you can get an entry to social networking websites along with This move will not deliver you a job right away. However, it is going to truly assist you to construct a community of ability buddies for destiny jobs. You need to be worried about the “friends” who have function withinside the enterprise you are seeking out to get their support.

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jobs in vietnam for foreigners

Search for jobs Vietnam foreigners on the recruiting websites

If you are seeking out a Vietnam expat job, surely just type in the salary and the job you want, the most appropriate job will seem with a purpose to pick quickly. Then simply touch the recruiters or observe online, agenda an interview. If it is appropriate, you will be capable of working immediately. Here are the pinnacle prestigious recruitment websites in Vietnam.

Recruit website Description
Vietnamworks This is the most prestigious recruitment website today according to many people’s evaluations. The number of daily hits reaches hundreds of thousands to millions of viewers. Therefore, the number of employers is also huge with many diverse requirements. Newbies in the profession can also find suitable jobs at because of the multi-disciplinary workload, salary, and qualifications, so it can be compatible with many types of workers.
CareerBuilder The jobs on this recruitment site often have high salaries because this is a multinational website. The requirements for qualifications and experience are also higher than usual. Therefore, this is a place to find suitable jobs in Vietnam for foreigners. If you have the ability, this is definitely an ideal environment to look for opportunities to make money.
Mywork This is a potential recruitment website. It has over 200,000 active members and over 400,000 employers.
1001vieclam This website is developed by DBIZ Corporation. Although a new job search site, has more than 200,000 jobs from 15,000 employers. This promises to be a potential recruitment website in the future.
Vieclam 24h This recruitment website originates from This is one of the places with the largest number of visitors and job opportunities in Vietnam. This online site has more than 25,000 jobs per month and hundreds of daily visits. Therefore, foreign workers can confidently find many suitable job opportunities there.
Careerlink This recruitment website has been around for a long time but is still a reputable place to find jobs from many different companies. You will get a suitable workplace at
Timviecnhanh This website is quite familiar to Vietnamese people but still quite new to the majority of foreigners. Timviecnhanh owns a very large number of employers and jobs. is a recruitment site dedicated to the community of people working in the IT industry. If you have the capacity in this field, hurry up here to search for job opportunities with desirable wages. The requirements for employees from businesses on this website are also quite strict. This is the website of Tuoi Tre newspaper, one of the major newspapers in Vietnam. You can find good jobs at because most of the employers here are reputable companies in the market.

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3.2 Ask help from Vietnamese for jobs

Social connections are always a useful way to get a job. Employers always give preference to candidates with whom they have a connection. This is a simple and extremely reliable way for many foreigners to find work while in Vietnam. Try to associate with people who have good connections in the field in which you plan to work.

Useful advice: You do not need to phone one for one. Just use each chat, meet to ship the “signal” to the other person, and allow them to recognize you are seeking out work A, in discipline B. Do not suppose that the people at home will not assist you in your process search? Actually, sometimes your pal with a sure acquaintance in a faraway place, like Vietnam wherein you are traveling, is seeking out a babysitter, for example?

jobs vietnam foreigners

Ask help from Vietnamese for jobs

3.3 Look at local press for jobs Vietnam foreigners

A highly appreciated job search strategy today is to focus on a certain area. You do not need to go through the long list of available jobs but try reading the local newspapers. The recruitment information on it is also very diverse and suitable for your mobility.

jobs vietnam foreigners

Look for jobs Vietnam at local press

Useful advice: Sometimes you do not need to go a long way to discover a job. Among the heaps of companies out there, there might be numerous corporations coming to the area you are staying to submit the recruitment, mainly for people who want expert expertise. Therefore, do not simply examine the neighborhood newspaper, but additionally, observe the recruitment information anywhere.

3.4 Work for Vietnam university

The university itself additionally has many greater jobs within the campus, consisting of running the school’s canteen, organizing events, or being an excursion manual on every occasion there are ability candidates. These jobs are typically properly paid, the place of job is near domestic and you will work in constant hours so it is far viable to be bendy in resting and traveling

Useful advice: The universities frequently recruit part-time jobs very early, both earlier than or at the start of the semester. If you are searching out a process in Vietnam as a foreign, head directly to the school’s internet site or maybe at once to different associated departments to take advantage of the opportunity.

jobs in vietnam for foreigners

Work for Vietnam university

3.5 Do unpaid job

This suggestion is for international visitors who are financially stable and feel that they really need money. You can learn about good and suitable companies to work for in the future. What you get from these jobs is not only a salary but also a large amount of useful knowledge for later career.

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jobs vietnam foreigners

Do unpaid job to get more experience

During the working time, you will have more necessary relationships at work. Valuable experiences also help develop your capacity a lot. When you have foresight for the future, a professional working environment will be a perfect choice. If your performance is good, the business will definitely notice you when they are in need of a full-time employee.

3.6 Participate in job fairs

This is a new type of job search that is growing strongly in Vietnam. This method is not only suitable for native speakers but also applied by many foreigners. Participating in recruitment fairs is a good opportunity for you to meet and chat with businesses that are in need of personnel. You will be lucky if you meet the right employers.

Thus, feel free to join these fairs, they are usually free for everyone to attend. This gives you more options to evaluate and consider jobs in potential environments. Talking to employers will help you understand more about their requirements and what you will receive when you join.

jobs vietnam foreigners

The expat can participate in job fairs

3.7 Create your own job

In the context of the global economy being in crisis due to the epidemic, self-employment is also a smart but risky choice. Of course, to achieve success, this choice depends on each person’s passion and ability.

Starting a business will never be easy if you do not make an effort. If the whole thing is not what you need it to be after a year, then you have definitely made an interesting discovery worth cherishing.

jobs in vietnam for foreigners

Create your own job

The founding father of “Save the Student” admits that is also the end result of a preference for self-employment. Of course, developing a mission for yourself is a high-quality idea, fulfilling the journey and completely profitable.

Now, more and more large companies and websites are making starting a career for young people less complicated. You can try or to find business suggestions and memories of fulfillment from the pioneer.

Through today’s article, you have answered questions about jobs Vietnam foreigners and other Vietnam visa service. In addition, several ways to find suitable jobs in this country are also mentioned in detail. If you need help with any procedure in the process of getting a visa to work in Vietnam, please contact Wolo Tours for direct advice.

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Do I need to quarantine in Vietnam?” has been asked by many international guests when preparing to set foot to travel or work in this Southeast Asian country. That question is also quite obvious, especially in the context of the covid-19 epidemic in recent years. In today’s article, Wolo Tours will answer you in the most detail about this issue. Subscribe now so you do not miss out on useful information!

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1. Do I need to quarantine in Vietnam? Latest update

All quarantine regulations in Vietnam have been abolished. According to Official Dispatch No.10688/BYT-MT dated December 16, 2021, the Vietnam quarantine has been significantly relaxed. This country will no longer apply quarantines and Vietnam visa covid to everyone entering, whether or not people have Vietnamese nationality. However, they must meet immigration requirements in order to enter Vietnam.

do i need to quarantine in vietnam

All quarantine regulations in Vietnam have been abolished

2. Entry requirements for quarantine in Vietnam during covid 19

The fact that the quarantine in Vietnam during covid 19 has been removed does not mean that the country will allow the same freedom of entry as before the pandemic. To be allowed to enter Vietnam, foreigners must ensure that they meet all of the following important conditions:

  • The Vietnam visa requirements document for entry is still valid (Vietnam visa/entry permit/5-year visa exemption certificate/permanent residence card/temporary residence card) except for special cases where you are exempt from a Vietnam visa.
  • Passport validity is at least 6 months from the date of arrival with Vietnam visa photo.
  • Certificate of negative for Covid-19. You can meet one of the following two conditions:
    • A negative Covid-19 RT-PCR/RT-LAMP test was performed within 72 hours prior to travel to Vietnam.
    • A negative Covid-19 antigen rapid test was performed within 24 hours prior to travel to Vietnam.
do i need to quarantine in vietnam

Certificate of negative Covid-19 test

3. Post-Covid entry procedure in Vietnam quarantine

Quarantine in Vietnam has been removed, so why not come to this beautiful country! Once you have met the above conditions, you just need to follow this procedure to enter Vietnam. The process includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Prepare all documents. You must prepare all the things listed above to ensure obey Vietnam visa policy.
  • Step 2: Fly to Vietnam. Please bring the necessary items for this wonderful journey.
  • Step 3: Do immigration procedures. When you arrive at the airport in Vietnam, you need to go to the Passport Control (Immigration) counter to present the necessary documents and get the entry stamp on your passport. After that, you can collect your luggage and start your journey in Vietnam.
quarantine in vietnam during covid 19

Post-Covid entry procedure in Vietnam quarantine

4. Things to note while traveling Vietnam in covid 19 pandemic

While traveling in the pandemic, you have to protect your health carefully. There are some advices from the World Health Organization (WHO) for you to follow:

  • Washing your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Using tissues to covering your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.
  • Avoiding close contact with anyone with flu-like or cold symptoms.
  • Eating cooked drinking boiled.
  • Avoiding live wild or farm animals without protect contact.

Through today’s article, you have got the answer to the long-standing burning question: “Do I need to quarantine in Vietnam?”. All strict requirements for isolation have been abolished, so what are you waiting for, do not plan an interesting trip to Vietnam right now. If you have difficulties with visas and need Vietnam visa service, please contact Wolo Tours directly for dedicated help!

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Vietnam vaccination passport is the most popular keyword among business travelers and leisure ones who have gone out of their homes. It is required to have a valid vaccination to enter any company. Let’s Wolo Tours show you all information about the vaccination passport of Vietnam.

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1. What is Vietnam vaccination passport?

The Covid 19 vaccine passport is also known as a “Green Pass”. This is a document that proves you have been vaccinated against Covid-19. It is called a “Vaccination Card” or “Proof of Vaccination” in other countries all around the world.
The purpose of a vaccine passport in Vietnam is to allow a person to resume normal activities after being infected with Covid 19. This will include traveling, participating in public events such as cinema, and gym, and engaging in other activities that would put them in close contact with many other people.

vietnam vaccination passport

A vaccine passport allows people to do normal activities after getting Covid-19

As a result of Covid 19, the vaccine passport has become compulsory documentation to enter any country, besides a valid physical passport and visa. For example, this item allows foreigners to enter other nations to receive medical care or to visit family members. This visa is also recognized as a “Vietnam visa covid”.

2. Benefits of vaccine passport in Vietnam

There are many benefits of the passport vaccine Vietnam. Holding a vaccine passport can allow you to visit certain places or countries without needing covid testing. This is such a great advantage. Because it helps you to avoid potential inconvenience or missed opportunities when moving around the nation and globe.

vietnam vaccination passport

A vaccine passport helps you to visit countries without Covid testing

3. How does Vietnam vaccination passport certificate work?

The Vietnamese authorities latterly said that the vaccine passport is acceptable for tourists. The immigrants with a vaccine passport (legalized as a regulation) are eligible to receive a three-day quarantine. If not, they have to get a seven-day quarter. If the migrant has a residence that meets the requirements, they can get quarantined there due to Vietnam visa policy. Otherwise, they should stay in the hotel specified at the time of arrival.

This explains the updated steps involved in getting a vaccine passport in Vietnam:

Date Vaccine passport in Vietnam Updates
December 16 Starting January 1, 2022, anyone entering Vietnam will not have to be quarantined.
The Ministry of Health has issued the Official Dispatch on COVID-19 prevention and control for Vietnam visitors as follows:

  • For those who have full vaccination records or Covid-recovery proof:
    • Within 3 days of your arrival: You will be able to monitor your own health at the lodging (including private houses, hotels, motels, resorts, and guesthouses of businesses). You should not contact others and not leave your lodging.
    • You need to take an RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 test on the 3rd day of your stay. If the result is negative, self-monitor your health until the end of the 14th. If the test is positive, the appropriate steps will be to follow the current policy.
  • For others:
    • Take RT-PCR tests for SARS-CoV-2 within seven days of your arrival at our lodging. If the test results are negative, continue to monitor your health until the 14th day of the entry period.
December 9 The Vietnamese Ministry of Transport has approved a proposal to resume international flights in two stages. Besides that, Vietnam added 6 countries to the list of vaccine passports: Canada, Iran, Iraq, Maldives, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.
December 8 At a meeting with the Ministry of Health, the Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam said:

  • Travelers who are fully vaccinated can isolate themselves in a home or residence of their choice for a certain period of time.
  • Only those who have not been vaccinated need to remain in central facilities and vaccinations.

The Ministry of Transport proposed that the Government resume regularly-scheduled should start international flights on 15 May. This includes 02 stages as follows:

  • Stage 1: 2 weeks from December 15
    • Suggested air routes: between VietNam and Beijing (China), Singapore, Vientiane (Laos), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), San Francisco, or Los Angeles (the United States).
    • Receiving Airports in Vietnam: Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat
    • Flight frequency: 4 flights/week/route/way
  • Stage 2: From January 2022
    • Vietnam expands 06 more air routes: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hong Kong, Paris (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Sydney (Australia), and Moscow (Russia).
    • Receiving Airports in Vietnam: Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, Cam Ranh, Phu Quoc, and Van Don.
    • Flight frequency: 7 flights/week/route/way
October 21 Vietnam has accepted vaccine passports from 72 countries

  • Vietnam is currently receiving the Covid recovery certificate of 72 countries and territories recommended to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The accepted vaccine passports/certificates are valid for visa applications and entry into Vietnam. Non-accepted passports or certificates should be legalized before use.
October 3 The Vietnam Ministry of Transport has agreed to allow international flights. Vietnam adds 6 countries to the vaccine passport acceptance list. They are Canada, Iran, Iraq, Maldives, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.
August 4 Fully vaccinated entrants are applied to a 7-day concentrated quarantine when entering Vietnam.


The Ministry of Health of Vietnam states that people who meet certain conditions will be entitled to a seven-day concentrated quarantine at a designated facility upon their arrival in Vietnam:

  • The traveler has proof of negative RT-PCR tests for SARS-CoV-2 72 hours prior to departure for Vietnam.
  • If you are fully vaccinated with the last vaccine dose at least 14 days ago and you are not more than 12 months past your last dose, you are exempt from the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine requirement.
July 20 Phu Quoc Island is hoping to welcome international visitors who have been vaccinated since October.

It is firstly available for international travelers:

  • The person must have had a full vaccination against the flu at least 14 days before the entry time.
  • If you were infected with SARS-CoV-2 within the last six months, and you have documentation proving you’re no longer infected or have recovered from the illness, you may be able to enter the country.

It is expected that the island will receive 2,000 to 3,000 tourists per month for three months on charter flights and 5,000 to 10,000 visitors per month for the next three months on commercial flights for six months starting in October 2021.

July 15 At the end of this year, Khanh Hoa is preparing plans to receive vaccinated international visitors.

Foreign tourists visiting Vietnam would need to have a certificate from their doctor or health insurance company showing that they have been fully vaccinated against the required virus or disease. For a double shot vaccine, the second dose must have been taken between 12 months and 14 days before the date of entry.

Visitors who are infected and have recovered must provide a certificate from their country of treatment or a letter from their doctor confirming that they have recovered. They must also present a negative result from a PCR test done within 72 hours before departure.

June 28 Starting on July 1, 2021, Vietnam will implement a 7-day centralized quarantine for certain entrants from Vietnam.

Conditions of eligibility:

This pilot program is for foreign experts and their family members who meet certain requirements:

  • Having:
    • If you have a certificate of full inoculation with Covid vaccines, it is approved by either the World Health Organization, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the European Medicines Agency, or Vietnamese authorities.
    • The person has recovered from COVID-19 within the past 12 months and is no longer considered to be a risk to public health.
  • The results of the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 were negative on the first and sixth days of quarantine.
  • The test results show that the person has an antibody against SARS-CoV-2.
  • Entering Vietnam via Van Don International Airport, Quang Ninh province.

After careful quarantine, those people will be subject to home-based isolation for seven days and a follow-up health observation for fourteen days.

Those who are not fully vaccinated are subject to 14 days of centralized quarantine and 14 days of follow-up health observation.


June 2 Covid vaccinated entrants may be exempted from a mandatory quarantine period.

The National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control requested the Ministry of Health to urgently review and issue a new test process for Covid vaccinated entrants or those who have immunity to coronavirus.

If your Sars-Cov-2 test is negatively confirmed on arrival in Vietnam, you may be entitled to a shorter quarantine period (perhaps 01 week if everything is in perfect condition).

April 9 Under the new vaccine passport policy, Vietnam is expected to divide foreign entrants into two groups. They consist of:

  • Foreigners coming to Vietnam to invest and conduct business.
  • International tourists are people from countries where the pandemic has been largely controlled.
April 6, 2021 The proposal states that individuals who have been vaccinated and have negative Covid PCR test results will be allowed to enter Vietnam with a minimized quarantine duration.
March 31, 2021 There is a proposal to exempt vaccinated foreigners from the concentrated quarantine that begins on September 1st.

International flights will resume with countries and territories that have approved the same type of Covid-19 vaccines as Vietnam.

Passengers are exempted from a 14-day concentrated quarantine if they have a certificate confirming that they have passed a negative test for a new coronavirus. An international vaccination certificate confirms that they have been vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine recognized by Viet Nam.

March 24, 2021 The National flag carrier, Vietnam Airlines, is working with domestic and foreign agencies to develop a “COVID-19 vaccine passport” project. This project will help protect citizens from the virus.
March 19, 2021 The Deputy Prime Minister chaired a meeting to discuss the implementation of vaccine passport in vietnam.
March 16, 2021 The implementation of the Covid-19 vaccine is being considered at first.
passport vaccine vietnam

The immigrants with a vaccine passport can receive a 3-day quarantine

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4. Which citizens can use passport vaccine Vietnam?

Since 15 March, the borders have been open again. So, travelers can enter Vietnam easily. The entry requirements are still compulsory. You have to complete a health statement on the PC-Covid app. Moreover, visitors who have been vaccinated against the flu can enter the country if they have received their final dose more than two weeks before entering.

Vietnamese authorities accept passport vaccine Vietnam from 78 countries as proof of compliance with EU regulations. This makes the Vietnamese COVID certificate highly respected and accepted by other countries.

Algeria Argentina Armenia Australia
Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium
Bolivia Brazil Brunei Bulgaria
Cambodia Canada China Chinese Taipei
Colombia Commonwealth of Australia Croatia Czech Republic
Denmark Egypt Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary India
Indonesia Ireland Islamic Republic of Iran Israel
Italy Japan Jordan Kazakhstan
Kuwait Laos Libya Luxembourg
Malaysia Mexico Norway Oman
Pakistan Palestine Philippines Poland
Portugal Qatar Republic of Iraq Republic of Korea
Republic of Maldives Republic of South Africa Republic of Zimbabwe Romania
Russia San Marino Saudi Arabia Singapore
Slovakia Spain Sri Lanka Sweden
Switzerland Thailand The Netherlands Timor Leste
Turkey Turkmenistan Ukraine the United Arab Emirates
the United Kingdom United States
vietnam vaccination passport

Vietnam accepts passport vaccine Vietnam from 78 countries

5. Is it safe to travel to Vietnam after the Covid vaccine?

Despite the recent turmoil in Covid 19, Vietnam is still managing the situation well. The country has been successful in controlling the virus so far. The number of confirmed Covid 19 cases is low compared to other countries in the region all around the world. There is no doubt that Vietnam is a safe country to travel to.

vietnam vaccination passport

Foreigners can easily travel to Vietnam

Currently, Vietnam is not very open to tourists. They are limiting access to the country. Only the following people who are not Vietnamese citizens can apply for entry into Vietnam. They should be eligible for Vietnamese entry and have a passport vaccine Vietnam.

  • Foreign workers who have a valid Vietnam work permit or working experience confirmation.
  • Foreign investors
  • Foreign managers

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vaccine passport in vietnam

Foreigners who have a valid permit can enter Vietnam

In this article, you will understand more about Vietnam vaccination passport and how to apply them in travel. It is required to get a vaccine visa when going to other countries, especially Vietnam. If you want to get more information about other Vietnam visa service, do not hesitate to contact Wolo Tours through this contact information:

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  • Hotline: (+84) 918 21 2468
  • Email:



Vietnam work permit is an official certificate issued by the Department of Labor to allow its employees to work in Vietnam legally. If you want to have a long time working in Vietnam, getting a permit to work is essential. Let Wolo Tours show you all information about the requirements and process of getting a work permit in Vietnam. Get started!

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1. Requirements for work permit in Vietnam

Known as a working document required for all foreign employees before entering an employment contract in Vietnam, a work permit is really important. Here are some requirements for a work permit in Vietnam:

  • Over 18 years old.
  • People have good health conditions, which satisfies the specific demands and requirements of the job.
  • The person who does not have any criminal record in the native country or on national security grounds. They are also not currently subject to the supervision of Vietnamese or foreign police officers.
  • The following are the requirements for which a work permit in Vietnam has been met:
    • For foreign experts:
      • Foreign workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher or equivalent can apply for a job in Vietnam if they have three years of experience working in a field closely related to the job they are applying for.
      • A foreign worker must have at least five years of experience working in a field closely related to the job they will be doing in Vietnam.
    • Technical workers
      • If you have worked in a technical or another field for at least one year and have been working for three years in that field, you may be eligible for a particular job.
      • To be eligible for a job in Vietnam, people must have at least 5 years of experience in a job typically done in Vietnam.
      • The company where the foreigner is working has a legitimate business operation on their business registration certificate.
    • Directors, CEOs’
      • Decision on the appointment
      • They must have a certificate with a minimum of three years of experience in the same position.
    • Having legal documents issued in foreign countries.
Vietnam work permit

There are some requirements a work permit in Vietnam

2. Who have Vietnam work permit exemption?

Under article 154, Clauses 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the Labour Code 45/2019/Qh14 and Decree No. 7. 152/2020/Nd-Cp, if foreigners are included in one of the following scenarios, they may meet requirements for a work permit in Vietnam.

  • If a foreign person owns or contributes at least 3 billion VND to a limited liability company, they are considered to be the owner or capital contributor of the company.
  • Foreigners who own at least 3 billion VND in shares of a joint-stock company are allowed to be the chairperson or a member of the Board of Directors.
  • Foreigners play a leading role in running international organizations or foreign non-governmental organizations in Vietnam.
  • Foreigners who visit Vietnam for less than three months are allowed to offer services.
  • Foreigners who are seeking to enter and stay in Vietnam for less than three months for the purpose of resolving complicated technical or technological problems that are causing production and business operations to suffer may be denied entry.
  • Foreign lawyers with a license to practice law in Vietnam in accordance with the Law on Lawyers are welcome.
  • Foreigners who marry Vietnamese citizens and wish to reside in Vietnam are allowed.
  • Foreign workers who are internally rehired in companies operating in 11 service industries are part of the WTO commitments in Viet Nam on services, including business, communications, construction, distribution, education, environment, finance, health, tourism, culture, leisure, and transport.
  • Foreign workers arriving in Viet Nam to provide professional and technical advice related to research, construction, and implementation of ODA-financed programs.
  • Foreign workers who have been licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for communication and journalism practice in Vietnam.
  • Foreign workers hired by foreign agencies or organizations to work in international schools managed by foreign diplomatic missions or the United Nations are covered by agreements between Vietnam and their respective countries of origin.
  • The foreign volunteer is entering Vietnam to do work without any payment, in accordance with international treaties to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a member. The foreign volunteer is certified by a foreign diplomatic mission or international organization in Vietnam.
  • Foreign experts, managers, and executives holding positions for a period of fewer than 30 days and 03 visits to Vietnam per year.
  • Foreigners who are registered with central or provincial agencies or organizations in Vietnam to implement international agreements signed by these entities in accordance with the law may enter the country.
  • Students currently studying in overseas schools or training institutions and agreeing on practical training in Vietnamese institutions, organizations, or enterprises, or onboard Vietnamese ships
  • Foreign diplomats who are relatives of employees with legal authorization to work in Vietnam are allowed.
  • Foreigners with Official Passports who are intending to work in state agencies, political organizations, or sociopolitical organizations in Vietnam.
  • Foreigners have a responsibility in establishing a commercial presence.
  • Foreigners who have been certified by the Ministry of Education and Training as entering Vietnam to carry out teaching or research activities are welcome in Vietnam.
  • The treaties that Vietnam is a member of include international agreements.
Vietnam work permit

You have to meet the requirements for a work permit in Vietnam

3. How to apply for Vietnam work permit ?

Because of the Covid-19, the procedure when entering a country is more complicated. If you are not Vietnamese, it is important to get a work permit for foreigners in Vietnam. You can conduct 3 steps that are listed below:

3.1 Step 1: Contact us to get your profile checked

First and foremost, please call or send a message to the hotline of the company that provides work permit visa service. Besides that, you can contact them via Whatsapp, Viber, and Zalo. The experts will check your documents for the first assessment and consultation and then quote.

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work permit in vietnam

Contact Wolo Tours to get your profile checked

3.2 Step 2: Send documents and sign required forms

In the second step, you will prepare the documents in consultation, sign the forms that are filled out and send them to the address of the company. Remember to double checked the destination information in order to make sure that everything is correct.

Vietnam work permit

Do not forget to check everything correct

Upon receipt of all your valid documents, the firm will process your application with the relevant authorities until you have obtained a work permit. The good thing about this process is that all documents will be processed carefully without any mistakes.

3.3 Step 3: Receive the result for work permit Vietnam

This is the last stage of the process. You will be notified of the availability of your work permit. Then, customers can pick it up at the office, or the firm will send it to your physical address. You will be consulted to see what you should do after receiving your work permit for foreigner in Vietnam.

Vietnam work permit

You will receive the result for work permit Vietnam


4. When to get work permit in Vietnam?

After completing the process to enter Vietnam for work, the employer will obtain a work permit issued in the form of 12/PLI within 5 business days after submitting a fully valid document. If they are rejected, the employers will receive a clarification.

work permit vietnam

It takes 5 business days to get the Vietnam work permit

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5. Work permit Vietnam cost and processing time

Are you concerned about the cost and processing time when traveling to Vietnam? Getting a work permit is not difficult. If you have all of your valid documents, you can pay a work permit price Vietnam.

Processing time Ha Noi Ho Chi Minh City
25 working days 230 USD/pax 230 USD/pax
18 working days 280 USD/pax 280 USD/pax
Vietnam work permit

Different cities do not have the same cost and processing time

6. Validity and extension of Vietnam work permit

According to Decree No. 152/2020/ND-CP, a work permit is valid for two years and can be extended once for an additional two years. To do this, people should follow the Vietnam work permit extension procedure. If the work permit is set to expire, the employer will have to follow the same procedure to get a new one if you want to keep employing the foreign employee.

A work permit may be terminated if:

  • Your work permit has expired
  • Labor contract has been terminated
  • Inconsistencies between the content of the labor contract and the work permit obtained
  • Contracts for business, trade, finance, banking, insurance, science and technology, culture, sport, education or medicine have expired or have been terminated
  • The work permit issued by the authorized state agency has been withdrawn
  • The company, organization, and partners in Vietnam have ceased operations.

The validity of the work permit in Vietnam is two years. And if you want to work for a long time in Vietnam, you can apply for an extension of the work permit. However, before you return home or move to another country for work and leave Vietnam, your work permit must be canceled with the help of the Ministry of Labour, Disability, and Social Affairs.

Vietnam work permit

Vietnam work permit has validity and extension

7. Wolo Tours provide work permit service in Vietnam

Wolo Tours have more than 10 years of experience in Vietnam immigration processes with many advantages. Firstly, the business support fully the visa application process for clients. Secondly, Wolo Tours has an experienced, professional, and dedicated team of consultants with fast application processing time. Thirdly, the information about procedures is provided clearly, completely, and in detail. Lastly, you can get accompanying services such as direct airport shuttle support by car (Fast track service and Car Pickup).

requirements for work permit in vietnam

Wolo Tours provide Vietnam immigration processes

The business places great emphasis on completing the visa approval letter in a timely manner, so clients can obtain a Vietnamese visa in a convenient and safe way. In addition, Wolo Tours are willing to provide customers with useful and detailed information, travel guidance, and use of services during a wonderful stay in Vietnam. You can see the contact of this business below this article.

Having read this article, you will understand more about Vietnam work permit and the requirements when applying. If you want to find a company where can help you with Vietnam visa service, do not hesitate to contact Wolo Tours through this contact information:

  • Address: 2nd floor No 02, Alley 232, Yen Hoa street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, Viet Nam
  • Hotline: (+84) 918 21 2468

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When will Vietnam open for tourism?”. That problem is also understandable in the context that the world is transitioning to a state of living with the epidemic. In this article, international guests will have this question answered by Wolo Tours so that they can plan a trip to Vietnam in the near future. Read on now for more details!

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1. When will Vietnam open for tourism?

From March 15, 2022, Vietnam officially reopens its border for international tourists. According to the information updated on April 27, 2022. Foreigners do not have to declare their health when entering Vietnam, but only need to have a negative Covid test result before departure by PCR or rapid test.

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when will vietnam open for tourism

When will Vietnam open for tourism?

2. The requirements for Vietnam travelers during covid 19

The answer to your question “When will you be able to travel to Vietnam?” (or When will Vietnam open for tourism?) has been answered. However, reopening the border does not mean that quarantine regulations will be completely eliminated. Vietnam still maintains epidemic prevention requirements such as wearing a mask in public and disinfecting hands. These actions will protect you and the community.

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when will vietnam open for tourism

The requirements for Vietnam travelers during covid 19

The relaxation of quarantine procedures is a step forward compared to other Southeast Asian countries. However, international travelers must have travel or medical insurance covering the cost of covid treatment – at least 10000 USD. In addition, foreigners who want to enter Vietnam must meet:

  • The results of the Covid-19 test by PT-PCR are negative within 72 hours or the rapid test is negative within 24 hours before arriving in Vietnam.
  • Download the PC-COVID app and make a simple health declaration before entering the country.
  • If passengers do not have Covid-19 test results before departure, they will be tested within 24 hours of arrival in Vietnam.
  • Although Vietnam travel entry requirements are no longer available, foreigners should still monitor their own health within 10 days.

3. Vietnam international flights update

After making changes in the way to fight the epidemic, Vietnam has reopened many international routes. That means a lot to the tourism industry in particular and the economy in general. The following table will give you some international flight schedules when the authorities of Vietnam re-open border.

Country/Region Flight itinerary Schedule Airlines
The US flies to Vietnam San Francisco (SFO) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday Vietnam Airlines
Japan flies to Vietnam Narita (NRT) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Every Thursday and Saturday Vietnam Airlines

All Nippon Airways

Narita (NRT) – Hanoi (HAN) Every Thursday and Sunday Vietnam Airlines

All Nippon Airways

South Korea flies to Vietnam Incheon (ICN) – Hanoi (HAN) Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Vietnam Airlines

Vietjet Air

Incheon (ICN) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Every Friday Vietjet Air
Thailand flies to Vietnam Bangkok (BKK) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Every Wednesday and Saturday Vietnam Airlines
Taiwan flies to Vietnam Taipei (TPE) – Hanoi (HAN) Every Tuesday Vietnam Airlines
Singapore flies to Vietnam Singapore (SIN) – Hanoi (HAN) Every Friday Vietnam Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Singapore (SIN) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday Vietnam Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Laos flies to Vietnam Vientiane (VTE) – Hanoi (HAN) Every Wednesday and Sunday Vietnam Airlines
Cambodia flies to Vietnam Phnom Penh (PNH) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday Vietnam Airlines
Phnom Penh (PNH) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday Cambodia Angkor Air
Siem Reap (REP) – Hà Nội Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday Cambodia Angkor Air
Europe flies to Vietnam London (LHR – UK) – Hanoi (HAN) Every Tuesday Vietnam Airlines
Frankfurt (FRA – Germany) – Hanoi (HAN) Every Tuesday and Thursday Vietnam Airlines
Paris (CDG – France) – Hà Nội (HAN) Every Thursday Vietnam Airlines
Moscow (SVO – Russia) – Hanoi (HAN) Every Saturday Vietnam Airlines
Australia flies to Vietnam Sydney (SYD) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Every Tuesday and Saturday Vietnam Airlines
Melbourne (MEL) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Every Thursday and Saturday Vietnam Airlines
Sydney (SYD) – Hanoi (HAN) Every Monday Vietnam Airlines
When will Vietnam open borders for tourism 2022

Vietnam international flights update

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4. Apply Vietnam visa quickly and securely at Wolo Tours

Immigration procedures are always quite complicated. To have a successful journey, you should contact a local visa service center for easy implementation. Wolo Tours is always trusted by many international tourists thanks to the following advantages:

  • Dedicated support from A to Z during the visa application process.
  • Help you to prepare the necessary documents to meet the visa requirements Vietnam.
  • Professional, well-trained, and experienced staff.
  • Applications are processed in a fast time.
  • Information on the route and procedures will be provided in full and in detail.
  • Additional services such as airport transfers are available.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 2nd floor No 02, Alley 232, Yen Hoa street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, Viet Nam
  • Hotline: (+84) 918 21 2468
when will vietnam open for tourism

Apply Vietnam visa quickly and securely at Wolo Tours

Today’s article has answered long-standing questions about when will Vietnam open for tourism. In the current world situation, Vietnam’s tourism industry is gradually recovering with many new improvements. Let’s choose the right time to schedule a trip to this country! If you need Vietnam visa service, please contact Wolo Tours for dedicated help.

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A Vietnam entry permit must be obtained by all foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam for a business trip or long-term job. If you are a non-Vietnamese person, you will need a work permit or a temporary residence certificate (TRC). Now, Wolo Tours will help you understand what an entry permit is and how to get it. Get started!

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1. What is Vietnam entry permit during Covid-19?

Vietnam entry permit (also referred to as Vietnam visa covid, Vietnam’s visa approval for Covid, or Viet Nam’s expert visa approval) is a special permit issued by the Ministry of Immigration of Vietnam. The Vietnam entry approval letter allows people to enter Vietnam and then stay in Vietnam for a while to engage in business or work.

Here is some information that the permission for entry Vietnam covers:

  • Personal details of foreign experts who will enter Vietnam
  • Name and address of company invited
  • Granted entry and exit date of the holder from the entry permit to Viet Nam
  • Vietnam visas can be issued at foreign Vietnamese embassies/consulates or Vietnam International Airport upon request
vietnam entry permit

Vietnam entry permit allows people to enter Viet Nam

2. Who can have entry permit Vietnam ?

As stated here by the Vietnam Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, to obtain a visa to visit Vietnam, foreign experts must meet certain visa requirements Vietnam, and their families must also obtain visas. The requirements vary depending on the type of visa an expert is following:

  • Foreigners are diplomats, government officials of other countries, and members of their families.
  • Foreigners are investors, experts, and skilled workers who bring their families with them when they move to a new country.
  • A foreigner is a student who is entering Vietnam to study.
vietnam entry permit

Foreigners are investors, experts, and skilled workers,.. can enter Vietnam

3. The requirements of permission for entry Vietnam

To obtain a Vietnam visa, you must meet certain requirements for an entry permit Vietnam:

  • Foreign experts have a sponsorship company in Viet Nam. Or they have a company working in Vietnam, which is responsible for all paperwork and obtains permits for foreigners to enter Vietnam.
  • The employers have all the required documentation for the Vietnam visa.
Vietnam Entry Permit

Foreigners should meet certain requirements to enter Vietnam

4. How to get Vietnam entry permit?

Getting a visa to Vietnam usually involves completing two steps. Firstly, work with a local sponsor to gather the necessary paperwork and submit an application to the relevant authorities. Secondly, traveling to Vietnam and presenting the paperwork to the appropriate government officials. Now, the article will explain to you the details of this process.

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4.1 Step 1: Prepare documents for Vietnam entry approval letter

First and foremost, you should prepare some documents related to your entry permit Vietnam. You need to provide the following materials for the embassy to begin the procedure:

  • A certified copy of business registration. This is a document that shows that a business is registered with the government.
  • Form NA2.
  • Form NA16.
  • Other required documents.

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vietnam entry permit

Prepare documents for the Vietnam entry approval letter

4.2 Step 2: Get entry permit Vietnam

In this step, the sponsoring company will submit the prepared documents to the Vietnamese Immigration Department for review. If these visas are accepted, the company will be granted a Vietnam entry approval letter (containing information about entry details of the person of entry, the date of entry, and the place of obtaining the visa stamp).

vietnam entry permit

Get an entry permit to Vietnam

5. FAQ about permission for entry Vietnam

When getting permission to enter Vietnam, you will have many various issues. Because each person is in a different context to the procedure. Now, Wolo Tours will help you answer some famous example concerns that have been asked the most.

5.1. If I have a valid Vietnam temporary residence card, do I need to get a Vietnam entry permit?

There is no need to obtain a visa for entry into Vietnam. You can easily use your TRC.

entry permit vietnam

You can use TRC instead of a visa for entry into Vietnam

5.2. I do not have a sponsor company. Can I have an entry permit in Vietnam?

At present, you can not obtain the Vietnam entry approval letter without the sponsorship of the company. Several companies can provide your sponsor with an entry permit. Wolo Tours advises you should consider this when using their service, as it is not a legal way to enter Vietnam.

5.3. Can I take my wife on my business trip to Vietnam? I am an expert with sponsor

The answer is yes. If your wife is traveling with you and your company agrees to sponsor her entry, Wolo Tours can help both of you get permission for entry Vietnam. You will receive a DN visa and your wife will get a TT/VR visa.

vietnam entry permit

You can take your wife on a business trip to Vietnam

Wolo Tours hope that you can get a smooth process after understanding about Vietnam entry permit. The requirements and steps are easy to be done if you read the article carefully. If you are looking for other information about Vietnam visa service, do not hesitate to contact Wolo Tours through this contact information:

  • Address: 2nd floor No 02, Alley 232, Yen Hoa street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, Viet Nam
  • Website:
  • Hotline: (+84) 918 21 2468
  • Email:



To be in Vietnam Immigration Blacklist is unwanted. If the visitors do not comply with the country’s visa and immigration requirements, they will be in Vietnam Immigration Blacklist. This is a banned entry but many people do not know about it. Wolo Tours would like to tell you everything about this in this post. Read for more information!

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1. What does Vietnam Immigration Blacklist mean?

The phrase “Vietnam Immigration Blacklist” refers to a list of foreigners who have been deported from Vietnam for not meeting the visa requirements Vietnam, or have violated in some way the regulations and laws on immigration while living in Vietnam.

Therefore, they have to pay a fine to be able to continue living in Vietnam. In this case, they may not be allowed entry by the Vietnam Immigration Department or may be subject to some restrictions on entry.

In other words, the Vietnam Blacklists of immigration is the term used to describe the list of foreigners who are deported from Vietnam if they are currently in the country and banned from entering the country by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

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Vietnam Immigration Blacklist

Vietnam Immigration Blacklist – A list of foreigners deported from Vietnam

2. The reason why Vietnam blacklists foreigners

There are many different reasons that can put you on the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist, among which, the main reasons are:

  • You do not comply with visa policy Vietnam. For example:
    • You overstayed your visa without extending your visa on time.
    • You are not fulfilling your visa purpose properly. You are entering Vietnam with a tourist visa (DL visa) but you are in the country to work to pay.
    • You are in Vietnam with an unsecured work visa.
  • You commit any offense in Vietnam.

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Vietnam Immigration Blacklist

There are some reason for people to be in Vietnam Immigration Blacklist

3. The consequences for being in Vietnam Blacklists of immigration

There is no one who wants to be on the Vietnam blacklists foreigners. However, if you are blacklisted by the Vietnam Immigration Department, you may be subject to:

  • Some large fines.
  • Immediate deportation.
  • Banned from entering Vietnam for up to 5 years. That means your name will be communicated to all foreign embassies in Vietnam and Vietnamese checkpoints, and you will not be issued a visa or entry permit to Vietnam during the prohibition period.
vietnam blacklists foreigners

There are some reason for people to be in Vietnam Immigration Blacklist

4. How to check Immigration Blacklist Vietnam?

It will be a big risk if you plan to visit Vietnam without knowing that you are being blacklisted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam until you start applying for a visa or come to Vietnam.

Likewise, if you are in Vietnam, you are also in big trouble if you go to the immigration office without knowing you are on the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist, as it can ruin your trip, work, and plans in Vietnam.

how to check immigration blacklist

How to check the immigration blacklist in Vietnam?

In case, you participate in any of the activities mentioned above, there are some recommendations that you should check if you are blacklisted before you go. With Vietnam Immigration Blacklist Check service, it can help you to know:

  • Whether you are on the blacklist or not.
  • What is your current penalty?
  • What is the best option for you to get out of this trouble?

In this article, you have been provided with an amount of useful information about the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist. It is very necessary to know about your Vietnam trip in order to avoid unexpected trouble. Hopefully, you will have a wonderful journey with Wolo Tours, this agent is willing to support you with Vietnam visa service. Please feel free to contact them through this information.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 2nd floor No 02, Alley 232, Yen Hoa street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, Viet Nam
  • Website:
  • Hotline: (+84) 918 21 2468
  • Email:

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