Jobs Vietnam foreigners are important for those who want to stay in Vietnam for a period. However, many people still do not know about the money-making opportunities here and how to get visa jobs in Vietnam. In this article, Wolo Tours will answer your questions and give you some suggestions for finding a job in this Asian country. Read it now!

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1. How to have visa jobs in Vietnam for foreigners?

International visitors can come to Vietnam to find work on a business visa or tourist visa if they meet the Vietnam visa requirements. Then when you get a new job, you will get a work permit from the competent authority with the sponsor by your employer.

However, you need to note one difference. The simplest way to apply for a business or tourist visa to Vietnam is to use a Vietnam visa on arrival through a visa center in Vietnam, which brings you useful Vietnam visa guide. This method is very popularly applied by people who want to find jobs in Vietnam for foreigners because of the following advantages:

  • No need for cumbersome documents.
  • Ask for simple information.
  • Registration is done online.
jobs Vietnam foreigners

Getting a visa for Vietnam job is not difficult

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2. Vietnam expat job opportunities

Today, Vietnam is one of the top choices not only for investors but also for foreign workers. Jobs in Vietnam for foreigners opportunities are increasingly diversified thanks to the recent strong development of this country. Some of the most popular jobs Vietnam foreigners today are:

  • The increasing appearance of international trade in all regions provides many Vietnam jobs for foreigners. With English subjects, native teachers will help increase the school’s prestige in the eyes of parents and students.
  • Professional jobs for foreigners are relatively few in this country because workers here mainly speak Vietnamese in communication, except for some big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, etc.
  • There are two optimal jobs in Vietnam for foreigners: Teaching English and volunteering for international organizations in this country. Those who only stay in Vietnam for a few months, should go and teach English.
  • Popular volunteer work here is working with orphans or disabled children, disadvantaged women, or working for non-governmental organizations.
  • For different work permit costs for different nationalities, foreigners can move to Vietnam to work or volunteer for the organization.
  • Alternatively, employers can pay for this permit as part of their terms of employment. To work or volunteer for organizations, foreigners need to pay the cost of a work permit. This cost should be clearly agreed upon in the employment contract and will usually be covered by the employer in full.
jobs vietnam foreigners

Vietnam has many expat job opportunities

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3. How to find Vietnam jobs for foreigners?

Job opportunities in Vietnam are always available, but many foreigners still have difficulty finding suitable jobs. One of the reasons for this inadequacy is not having a reputable source for job search. Here are some ways to find Vietnam jobs for foreigners:

3.1 Search for jobs Vietnam foreigners on the recruiting websites

First of all, you can get an entry to social networking websites along with This move will not deliver you a job right away. However, it is going to truly assist you to construct a community of ability buddies for destiny jobs. You need to be worried about the “friends” who have function withinside the enterprise you are seeking out to get their support.

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jobs in vietnam for foreigners

Search for jobs Vietnam foreigners on the recruiting websites

If you are seeking out a Vietnam expat job, surely just type in the salary and the job you want, the most appropriate job will seem with a purpose to pick quickly. Then simply touch the recruiters or observe online, agenda an interview. If it is appropriate, you will be capable of working immediately. Here are the pinnacle prestigious recruitment websites in Vietnam.

Recruit website Description
Vietnamworks This is the most prestigious recruitment website today according to many people’s evaluations. The number of daily hits reaches hundreds of thousands to millions of viewers. Therefore, the number of employers is also huge with many diverse requirements. Newbies in the profession can also find suitable jobs at because of the multi-disciplinary workload, salary, and qualifications, so it can be compatible with many types of workers.
CareerBuilder The jobs on this recruitment site often have high salaries because this is a multinational website. The requirements for qualifications and experience are also higher than usual. Therefore, this is a place to find suitable jobs in Vietnam for foreigners. If you have the ability, this is definitely an ideal environment to look for opportunities to make money.
Mywork This is a potential recruitment website. It has over 200,000 active members and over 400,000 employers.
1001vieclam This website is developed by DBIZ Corporation. Although a new job search site, has more than 200,000 jobs from 15,000 employers. This promises to be a potential recruitment website in the future.
Vieclam 24h This recruitment website originates from This is one of the places with the largest number of visitors and job opportunities in Vietnam. This online site has more than 25,000 jobs per month and hundreds of daily visits. Therefore, foreign workers can confidently find many suitable job opportunities there.
Careerlink This recruitment website has been around for a long time but is still a reputable place to find jobs from many different companies. You will get a suitable workplace at
Timviecnhanh This website is quite familiar to Vietnamese people but still quite new to the majority of foreigners. Timviecnhanh owns a very large number of employers and jobs. is a recruitment site dedicated to the community of people working in the IT industry. If you have the capacity in this field, hurry up here to search for job opportunities with desirable wages. The requirements for employees from businesses on this website are also quite strict. This is the website of Tuoi Tre newspaper, one of the major newspapers in Vietnam. You can find good jobs at because most of the employers here are reputable companies in the market.

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3.2 Ask help from Vietnamese for jobs

Social connections are always a useful way to get a job. Employers always give preference to candidates with whom they have a connection. This is a simple and extremely reliable way for many foreigners to find work while in Vietnam. Try to associate with people who have good connections in the field in which you plan to work.

Useful advice: You do not need to phone one for one. Just use each chat, meet to ship the “signal” to the other person, and allow them to recognize you are seeking out work A, in discipline B. Do not suppose that the people at home will not assist you in your process search? Actually, sometimes your pal with a sure acquaintance in a faraway place, like Vietnam wherein you are traveling, is seeking out a babysitter, for example?

jobs vietnam foreigners

Ask help from Vietnamese for jobs

3.3 Look at local press for jobs Vietnam foreigners

A highly appreciated job search strategy today is to focus on a certain area. You do not need to go through the long list of available jobs but try reading the local newspapers. The recruitment information on it is also very diverse and suitable for your mobility.

jobs vietnam foreigners

Look for jobs Vietnam at local press

Useful advice: Sometimes you do not need to go a long way to discover a job. Among the heaps of companies out there, there might be numerous corporations coming to the area you are staying to submit the recruitment, mainly for people who want expert expertise. Therefore, do not simply examine the neighborhood newspaper, but additionally, observe the recruitment information anywhere.

3.4 Work for Vietnam university

The university itself additionally has many greater jobs within the campus, consisting of running the school’s canteen, organizing events, or being an excursion manual on every occasion there are ability candidates. These jobs are typically properly paid, the place of job is near domestic and you will work in constant hours so it is far viable to be bendy in resting and traveling

Useful advice: The universities frequently recruit part-time jobs very early, both earlier than or at the start of the semester. If you are searching out a process in Vietnam as a foreign, head directly to the school’s internet site or maybe at once to different associated departments to take advantage of the opportunity.

jobs in vietnam for foreigners

Work for Vietnam university

3.5 Do unpaid job

This suggestion is for international visitors who are financially stable and feel that they really need money. You can learn about good and suitable companies to work for in the future. What you get from these jobs is not only a salary but also a large amount of useful knowledge for later career.

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jobs vietnam foreigners

Do unpaid job to get more experience

During the working time, you will have more necessary relationships at work. Valuable experiences also help develop your capacity a lot. When you have foresight for the future, a professional working environment will be a perfect choice. If your performance is good, the business will definitely notice you when they are in need of a full-time employee.

3.6 Participate in job fairs

This is a new type of job search that is growing strongly in Vietnam. This method is not only suitable for native speakers but also applied by many foreigners. Participating in recruitment fairs is a good opportunity for you to meet and chat with businesses that are in need of personnel. You will be lucky if you meet the right employers.

Thus, feel free to join these fairs, they are usually free for everyone to attend. This gives you more options to evaluate and consider jobs in potential environments. Talking to employers will help you understand more about their requirements and what you will receive when you join.

jobs vietnam foreigners

The expat can participate in job fairs

3.7 Create your own job

In the context of the global economy being in crisis due to the epidemic, self-employment is also a smart but risky choice. Of course, to achieve success, this choice depends on each person’s passion and ability.

Starting a business will never be easy if you do not make an effort. If the whole thing is not what you need it to be after a year, then you have definitely made an interesting discovery worth cherishing.

jobs in vietnam for foreigners

Create your own job

The founding father of “Save the Student” admits that is also the end result of a preference for self-employment. Of course, developing a mission for yourself is a high-quality idea, fulfilling the journey and completely profitable.

Now, more and more large companies and websites are making starting a career for young people less complicated. You can try or to find business suggestions and memories of fulfillment from the pioneer.

Through today’s article, you have answered questions about jobs Vietnam foreigners and other Vietnam visa service. In addition, several ways to find suitable jobs in this country are also mentioned in detail. If you need help with any procedure in the process of getting a visa to work in Vietnam, please contact Wolo Tours for direct advice.

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