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Vietnam visa exemption is also known as Vietnam visa waiver. Owning a Vietnam visa exemption helps visitors easily come to Vietnam without losing time and applying for a short-term visa. The following article will provide total information about Vietnam visa exemption, find out soon.

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1. What is a Vietnam visa exemption (Vietnam visa waiver)?

Vietnam visa exemption (also known as Vietnam visa-free or  Vietnam visa waiver) refers to a foreigner being allowed to enter Vietnam and stay there for a certain period without following any visa procedures. The Vietnam government has signed bilateral/unilateral agreements on visa exemption with certain countries. 

This is for short-term stays for tourism, business or visiting friends or relatives. Eligibility and duration of stay vary but generally include citizens of Japan, South Korea and the ASEAN region. Travellers must meet entry requirements such as having a valid passport and onward travel ticket. 

vietnam visa exemption

Vietnam visa exemption is also known as the Vietnam visa waiver

This visa exemption differs from the Vietnam visa exemption certificate (also called a 5-year visa).

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2. List of Vietnam visa-exempt countries

As of January 2023, passport holders from 25 countries can travel to Vietnam without a visa. Here is a list of Vietnam visa-exempt countries:

No. Country Maximum visa-free duration Purpose of Travel
1 Chile 90 days Entries must include remunerated activities
2 Panama 90 days Entries must include remunerated activities
3 Cambodia 30 days Not mentioned
4 Indonesia 30 days Not mentioned
5 Kyrgyzstan 30 days Not mentioned
6 Laos 30 days Not mentioned
7 Malaysia 30 days Tourism, press coverage, attending conferences and seminars, official duty, visiting relatives, business negotiations and investment opportunities, sports events or attending seminars or conferences.
8 Singapore 30 days Entries must include remunerated activities
9 Thailand 30 days Not mentioned
10 Philippines 21 days Not mentioned
11 Brunei 14 days Not mentioned
12 Myanmar 14 days Visiting only
13 Belarus 15 days Not mentioned
14 Denmark 15 days Not mentioned
15 Finland 15 days Not mentioned
13 France 15 days Not mentioned
17 Germany 15 days Not mentioned
18 Italy 15 days Not mentioned
19 Japan 15 days Not mentioned
20 Norway 15 days Not mentioned
21 Russia 15 days Not mentioned
22 South Korea 15 days Not mentioned
23 Spain 15 days Not mentioned
24 Sweden 15 days Not mentioned
25 United Kingdom (Not applicable to BNO) 15 days Not mentioned

* The above is provided for informational purposes only. Please check with the appropriate embassy or consulate of Vietnam in your country before travelling there. A full list of diplomatic missions in Vietnam and around the world can be found here.


Notes on acquiring a Vietnam visa exemption:

  • The 30-day interval between stays with Vietnam visa exemption has been removed, effective on July 1, 2020, following the new law on entry, exit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam.
  • British National Overseas (BNO) passport holders are not eligible for the 15-day visa exemption available to citizens of certain countries. They need to apply for a visa before travelling to Vietnam.
  • A Vietnam visa exemption includes the ability to enter, exit and transit a country without a visa.
  • The visa-free stay period begins on the date of entry. 
  • APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) holders are exempt from Vietnam visa requirements for a maximum stay of 60 days.
  • Visitors granted a Vietnam visa exemption may leave the country after the exemption period ends and return immediately for another exemption.

3. Who is eligible for applying for a Vietnam visa exemption?

The Vietnam visa exemption is issued to foreign nationals who meet the following requirements:

  • Overseas Vietnamese include those with foreign passports and permanent residents.
  • Foreign spouses and children of Vietnamese citizens residing in Vietnam or abroad are eligible for a temporary visa.
  • To enter and exit the country, a passport valid for at least one year is required.
vietnam visa waiver

To apply for a Vietnam visa exemption, visitors need to meet certain conditions

4. Who is not eligible for applying for a Vietnam visa exemption?

Persons who do not meet the requirements for a Vietnam visa exemption include:

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5. Requirements for Vietnam visa exemption

The documentation required for a Vietnam visa waiver depends on the purpose of the application, namely:

  • Vietnamese overseas.
  • Spouses, children, or Vietnamese citizens overseas.

 1 – For Vietnamese people residing

  • 01 visa exemption certificate application form
  • Two modern 4x6cm photographs
  • Foreign passports or similar documents with a minimum 6-month validity beyond the entrance date are required. If the applicant does not have a passport, he or she presents a Re-entry permit or Green Card issued by competent authorities in their home country (with at least six months of validity up to the date of entry).

If accessible, one of the following papers will be provided:

  • A certificate of citizenship in Vietnam;
  • A copy or excerpt of the Decision for Regaining Citizenship in Vietnam;
  • A copy or excerpt of the Decision for Renunciation of Vietnamese Citizenship; the Certificate of Lost Vietnamese Citizenship;
  • A Vietnamese passport (valid or invalid)
  • A photo ID card (valid or invalid)
  • Having a Birth Certificate (Copy accepted)
  • The current voter ID card
  • A household register book
  • A passport issued before 1975
  • An identification card issued before 1975
  • A Birth Registered Before 1975
  • Documents issued by foreign authorities if they can demonstrate that the individual possesses original Vietnamese citizenship or is of Vietnamese descent.
vietnam visa exemption

You need to prepare carefully before applying for a Vietnam visa exemption

In the absence of the documents indicated above, the following may be submitted:

  • A guarantee issued by a Vietnamese organisation based in its country of origin.
  • A guarantee provided by a Vietnamese national.

2 – For spouse or child of Vietnamese overseas or Vietnamese citizens

  • There is only one application for a visa exemption certificate.
  • One recent 4x6cm photo (white background, straight face, bare head, without coloured glasses).
  • A valid passport valid for at least six months after the date of the entrance (a copy attached for competent authority to file)
  • One of the documents proving the relationship between foreign-residing Vietnamese and their wives/husbands/children:
    • Document of Marriage.
    • Certificate of Birth A document proving the link between the father, mother, and offspring.
    • Other legal documents as specified by Vietnamese law Adoption Decision.


Vietnam visa exemption has many benefits for certain nationalities. If you intend to apply for a Vietnam visa exemption, please carefully check the terms of the grant in order to determine your eligibility. To learn more, please contact us for a free consultation.

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The Vietnam visa application form is a necessary document that applicants need to have if they wish to get a visa to Vietnam. In this post, we will attach the latest application form for 2023 and give you some advice for application. Let’s find out right here!

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1. Download Vietnam Immigration Entry & Exit Form

The first visa application form Vietnam is known as the Entry & Exit form. The detailed steps are as follows:

Step 1: Receive and fill in the Vietnam visa application form at the representative offices of Vietnam. For Vietnamese Embassies, please click  Vietnam-Immigration-form PDF.

Step 2: Submit the declaration, including the original passport and two 4x6cm photos.

  • If you choose a single entry visa, prepare 25 USD.
  • Prepare 50 USD for multiple use visa for 1-3 months, 95 USD for multiple use visa for 6 months or 135 USD for multiple use visa in 1 year.

Step 3: Get results via the Vietnamese embassy or go directly to the office.

vietnam visa application form

You can go directly to the Vietnamese embassy to apply for a visa

Note: Vietnamese authorities may require you to send your passport off to their representative offices via express mail service. If you apply directly at the embassy, your information will then be sent to Hanoi for approval, so it takes about 5 – 10 working days (depending on the location you apply).

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2. Download the Vietnam visa application form

If you don’t want to fill out the Vietnam visa application form online then you follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Vietnam visa application form and fill in the required information.
  • Step 2: Submit the completed form to
  • Step 3: Receive a “Visa Approval  Letter”, which will be sent within 1 to 2 days via email.
visa application form for vietnam

Complete the same information as you did on your identity document


  • All information to fill in the visa application form for Vietnam must be the same as in the passport. We will not be responsible if you have problems at the airport due to incorrect information you provide.
  • Date format: Day/month/year: 20/01/2023.
  • Destination port: The international airport in Vietnam.
  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months, otherwise you will not be allowed to board the plane.


Below you will find detailed instructions for downloading and filling out your Vietnam visa application form. To make the process as fast and convenient as possible, please pay attention to the information outlined in this article. If you have any questions, please contact us using the information below.

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Wolo International Travel Service and Commercial Investment Joint Stock Company

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