The Vietnam backpackers route is always a highlight of travelers’ Southeast Asia tours. You cannot stand the best street food in the world, and it is cheap as well as fascinating. Besides, the Vietnam backpackers’ hostel information will be useful for any travel lovers. In this post, Wolo Tours will introduce the routes in Vietnam’s common travel places. Let’s get started!

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1. Why should you go Vietnam backpackers route?

Traveling Vietnam has many of the classic markers of backpacking Southeast Asia from the gorgeous to the historical sights and modern delights. The Vietnam backpackers route can leave you full of real-life tours that still have the element of debauchery to wake up drunk in an unfamiliar destination.

Vietnam backpackers route

There are many reasons for you go the Vietnam backpackers route

The cost of backpacking Vietnam is also incredibly cheap to travel. The reason is that Vietnamese cuisine is sublime and reasonable. Some cities offer not only a metropolis but also a style of living in the beautiful mountains and coastlines.

Imagine that you are enjoying your Banh mi while walking through chaotic streets amidst countless motorbikes. This will be one of the most famous Vietnamese specialities you have ever known before.

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2. Best places for Vietnam backpackers castaway tour

Vietnam backpackers castaway tour is the intersection of worlds in Southeast Asia. Some cities feel like quaint Asiatic with others still retaining strong French colonial influences, and others are straight-up party hubs.

2.1 Hanoi – The Vietnam backpacker city

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam which has a beautiful combination of old and modern. It is the gateway to mountains and incredible scenery in the North and warm beaches and bustling cities in the South. Hanoi is worth spending at least a few days exploring, on foot or by bike. In Hanoi, it is definitely worth a visit to the War Museum, it is easy to see that it has a wonderful collection of weapons marking the entrance.

Next, the Temple of Literature, which was the first university in Vietnam where the rich and extremely intellectual attended, was founded in 1070. Last but not least, Hoan Kiem Lake is the symbol of the capital. Legend has it that when the Emperor defeated the Chinese from Hanoi, a giant golden turtle grabbed the sword and disappeared into the lake to restore it to its rightful owner.

Vietnam backpackers route

Hanoi – The Vietnam backpacker city

Hanoi is famous as the entry and exit point of this epic country. Therefore, this is the meeting place of many cultures around the world as well as in Asia. You can bump shoulders with other backpackers that have got stuck and fallen in love with Vietnam and those who are moving on. It will be good for your Vietnam backpackers castaway tour.

2.2 Backpacking in Hue

One of Vietnam’s most royal cities, Hue is a beautiful small town offering a great break and is littered with impressive historic sights on the journey from Hanoi to Hoi An. There are also tons of cool backpacker hostels in Hue with little traveler vibes. It is one of Vietnam’s sticky spots just so easy to get stuck exploring and chilling out here. There is a slower pace of life compared with some of the other cities in Vietnam.

backpackers in vietnam

Backpacking in Hue

There is a ton of what to do in Hue and you could easily spend weeks here. Check out the Thien Mu Pagoda standing at 21 meters high and decorated with mind-blowing architecture, this pagoda is pretty spectacular. If relaxation is what you are after, the beaches of Lang Co and the mineral hot pools of Phong An are just a short distance away.

2.3 Vietnam backpackers Hoi An

Hoi An is a place where Vietnamese people sew tailor-made clothes when carrying backpacks on the road. There are loads of things to do, but most backpackers coming to Hoi An come here to buy a satisfying outfit. Because this used to be the largest and oldest trading market in Vietnam as well as Southeast Asia, operated by the Japanese in the past.

Vietnam backpackers route

Vietnam backpackers – Hoi An

In your Vietnam backpackers route, spending a few days exploring the local area by bike is an awesome activity. Moreover, there are a lot of beautiful hostels and dorms at a reasonable price for you. It is located close to the beach which is great on hot days, as you do not have to go far. By the way, Da Nang is a great day trip, only a 40-minute drive by motorbike from Hoi An.

2.4 Saigon- Backpack in Vietnamese

Ho Chi Minh city formerly known as Sai Gon is the starting point for most visitors to Vietnam. This city is a crazy bustling experience. For most backpackers, it broke in an overpriced comparison to the rest of the country, it is really a venture into Vietnam. However, there are many interesting activities in Ho Chi Minh. Many of the “must-see” sceneries around are related to the terrors of the Vietnam War.

Vietnam backpackers route

Saigon- Backpack in Vietnamese

The War Remnants Museum is a haunting insight into the lives of those who fought on the front lines between 1954-1975. And then, take a trip out of the city and tour the incredible network of Cu Chi Tunnels. Be fearless in the face of confinement and crawl around the safer parts of the restored tunnels, popping or squeezing out at the other end.

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3. Vietnam backpacking guide to get around

You will have many different means of transportation to choose from motorbikes, buses, trains, and taxis to domestic flights when backpacking around Vietnam. Comfortable long-distance transportation and constantly improving road quality make traveling in Vietnam quite smooth. In addition, the country is conveniently located for overland travel to Cambodia, Laos, and China as all of which have borders.

3.1 By motorbike

To start your backpacking adventure to the next gear, buy or rent a motorbike. Traveling by motorbike across Vietnam is often more cost-effective than paying for multiple train or bus tickets. Furthermore, it gives you the freedom to really explore, get off the highways and go in search of raw adventure.

Used motorbikes are often the best option to save your money but you need to check carefully as you have to repair some parts before you go. And, you should make sure that you have a valid motorbike or car license. The truth is that most foreigners have never actually ridden a motorbike before so it is a bit intimidating.

vietnam backpackers route

Backpacking adventure by a motorbike

Many visitors commented that the roads in Vietnam would be dangerous trails. But for the most part, they are fine besides a few potholes. The biggest threat to you on the road is a lack of attention by yourself, other drivers, and animals or people. You should always wear a helmet, and also consider wearing protective clothing.

3.2 By bus

Most backpackers choose to explore Vietnam via the bus network. Buses in Vietnam are cheap, there are many hop-on or hop-off tickets, and the advent of air conditioning is increasing. Basically, they are a broke backpacker’s dream because this type of vehicle is popular in every city, and Vietnamese people are more likely to choose to move from this to that province in the country.

Vietnam backpackers route

Backpacking journey by buses

3.3 By train

Trains are a great way to get from one end of the country to the other quickly and beautifully. Vietnam Railways operates a monorail network that runs from Ho Chi Minh City to the northern border with stunning views of the countryside and the coast.

Vietnam backpackers route

Backpacking by trains

What you need to make sure of is booking your tickets in advance. Hard sleepers chairs offer the best value. Note that if you buy a pass, you cannot split the journey along the way, you will need a separate ticket for this. Besides, Hop on Thong Nhat Express for a breathtaking journey.

3.4 By taxi

With the development of the internet in Vietnam, taxi booking applications are more and more popular. Instead of just going to the station, you can make a reservation via your smartphone, and check the route and price confirmed by the driver and operator. However, the cost of the Vietnam backpackers route is sometimes expensive, so you need to consider it a long road trip.

vietnam backpacking guide

Taxi is a common vehicle in Vietnam for travelers

3.5 By domestic flights

If you are within a certain time limit, a 2-hour flight from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi will be much more favorable than a 30-hour train ride. Vietnam Airlines, the national carrier, and Jetstar or Bamboo Airlines both offer cheap and backpacker-friendly flights to many destinations within Vietnam.

Vietnam backpackers route

Domestic flights are always available for visitors

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4. The cost of backpacking Vietnam

Your Vietnam backpackers castaway tour can be so cheap that you do not really have to think about it. You can spend money camping in the countryside, taking the local transport and eating street food instead of renting a luxury hotel. The following table is a daily budget in Vietnam suggested, quoted in US dollars.

Expense Broke Backpacker Frugal Traveler Creature of Comfort
Accommodation $3 – $7 $7 – $14 $15+
Food $3 – $8 $9 – $15 $20+
Transport $2 – $5 $5 – $10 $15+
Nightlife Delights $1 – $4 $5 – $9 $10+
Activities $0 – $10 $11 – $19 $20+
Total per day $9 – $34 $37 – $67 $80+

This article has provided you with a piece of wealthy information about the Vietnam backpackers route nowadays. The Vietnamese are one of the most benevolent and kind people on the planet. Hopefully, you will have a wonderful trip with these tips and recommendations. Wolo Tours is a reputable agency if you need any help with your visa application or some advice for your backpacking trip. Please feel free to contact them.

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Vietnam backpackers hostel | The overview and popular location

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example of conversational ai

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Examples of conversational AI

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example of conversational ai

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The Vietnam transit visa is only used to complete procedures at the international airport through the requested country. What are the requirements for a transit Vietnamese visa? What are the regulations and factors of the exemption? Let Wolo Tours show you the following details.

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1. Does Vietnam require a transit visa?

No, Vietnam is one of the countries which do not require any transit visa if you plan to stay inside the airport for transit purposes only. However, there are Hanoi Noi Bai international airport and Da Nang international airport are rather small and not the best places for a light-sleeper so you need to apply for a single entry visa sometimes.

Vietnam transit without visa

Vietnam does not require a transit visa

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2. Vietnam transit without visa case

Foreigners can transit in Vietnam without applying for a visa if meeting both of the following conditions:

  • The tourist’s layover in Vietnam is less than 24 hours
  • They stay in transit areas while waiting for their next flight
Vietnam transit visa

Transit visa in Vietnam

3. Who needs a transit visa?

Visitors to Vietnam who are staying in the country for 24 or more hours will need to hold a Vietnam visa. This is also applicable for arriving travelers who wish to leave the airport for any reason during the transit period.

Transit visa for Vietnam

Visitors to Vietnam for 24 or more hours will need to hold a Vietnam visa

4. Vietnam Transit Visa Requirements

There are only obtain the following documents, the travelers will be granted a transit visa in Vietnam.

4.1 Compulsory documents

Compulsory documents include a passport which is valid for at least 6 months, a ticket specifying the third destined country, a visa issued by the arrival country as mentioned (in case there is no visa, the arrival country must be in the list of countries that provide nationality of the traveler with visa exemption policy).

Vietnam transit visa

You need to prepare Vietnam transit visa requirements

4.2 Transit area

The transit area will be promulgated and restricted by the authority in which travelers shall stay during transit duration. On the other hand, the travelers who want to go outside the transit area for any purpose, that individual shall become subject to a compulsory transit visa under a specific transit duration.

Vietnam transit need visa

The required transit visa

5. How to get a Vietnam transit visa on arrival?

There is no exact answer or confirmation for all cases as to whether you need a transit visa for Vietnam depending on your certain situation.

5.1 Apply for a Vietnam transit visa from the embassy

Getting an embassy visa for Vietnam transit means that you will get a visa issued by the country embassy before your departure. If you choose to get your visa this way, you need to contact the Vietnam embassy in your country and follow the required procedures applied by such an embassy or consulate.

Vietnam transit visa

The common way is applying for a transit visa in the Vietnam embassy

5.2 Apply for Vietnam Transit Visa e-visa online

All travelers eligible for the Vietnam e-visa can apply for a transit visa online through a simple electronic form, which takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The e-visa approval letter for transit can be sent to your email and then you can print it to present at Vietnam border control officials upon arrival in the country.

Vietnam visa transit

An e-visa transit to Vietnam

5.3 Get a Vietnam transit visa on arrival

This way of getting a transit visa for Vietnam is also easy and suitable for all travelers transiting in the country by air. With a visa on arrival, the travelers only need to complete an online form to get a visa approval letter via email within a certain period, and then get a visa stamped upon arrival at the Vietnam international airports for transit.

Vietnam transit visa

Getting a transit visa on arrival is a convenient way

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6. How much does a Vietnam transit visa cost?

The Vietnam transit visa cost may vary depending on the way you get your transit visa. It will be 25 US dollars for an e-visa, the US$25 plus the visa approval letter fee for visa on arrival, and flexible for the embassy visa depending on the Vietnam embassy or consulate.

Transit visa Vietnam airlines

The cost of getting transit visas for Vietnam

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7. Why should you use Wolo Tours’ Vietnam transit visa services?

With over 10 years of experience working in the same field, Wolo Tours have been not stopping improving and developing the serving ability. The enthusiastic supporting team will be always available by:

  • Emailing:
  • Phoning (+84) 918 21 2468.

You will get a lot of high benefits in terms of the visa procedure, reasonable prices, and more when registering for visa service in the agent:

  • You are supported with any detailed information
  • Experienced and professional consultants
  • Your visa processing time will be done quickly
  • The fees are surely lower than anywhere
  • The information about the route and procedures is completely provided in detail
  • There are accompanying services such as direct airport shuttle support by car fast track service and car pickup
Vietnam transit visa

Contact Wolo Tours to get help about Vietnam visa

This post has recently provided you with a variety of information about the Vietnam transit visa. Hopefully, you will get suitable choices and have a wonderful stay in Vietnam. Please feel free to contact Wolo Tours for any concerns about your problems.

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Cost of living Vietnam – Is Vietnam cheap to live? [Detailed list]


Unique places to visit in Vietnam are so attractive that you can not miss them. Vietnam is not only famous for friendly people but also wonderful attractions. In this post, Wolo Tours suggests 10 interesting places in Vietnam for your upcoming trip to Vietnam.

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1. Son Doong Cave- The largest natural cave in the world

Son Doong Cave is well known as the largest natural cave in the world. It is home to several million-year-old limestone grottoes, stalagmites and stalactites. This cave is set inside Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

This cave is a must-see for curious visitors who want to discover one of the natural jewels in Vietnam. Son Doong Cave is approximately 500 km south of Ha Noi. You will not regret visiting this place in Vietnam.

unique places to visit in vietnam

Son Doong Cave – The largest natural cave

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2. Ba Na Hills & Golden Bridge – The hand holding the bridge

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Ba Na Hill is the Golden Hand Bridge. Thanks to social media, the Golden Gate has significantly made it on everybody’s bucket list. Millions of tourists come to this bridge and enjoy the walking experience through this unusual architecture.

Besides, the architecture of Golden Gate will make you feel like a walk through the hands of gods in heaven. However, in the peak tourist season, it will be crowded with thousands of tourists. It is advisable to visit this place on weekdays to avoid being too crowded.

unique places to visit in vietnam

Golden Hand Bridge – The unique bridge in Vietnam

3. Fansipan Peak: Tourist attractions in vietnam

Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam at 3.143m high. It is known as “The roof of Indochina”. This place has been a desirable location for many adventurers, climbers and tourists.

February is the best time to go to Fansipan. The subtle green of hills and the colourful floating clouds will make the scenery unique and romantic. You can choose to climb on Fansipan or use cable car services to reach Fanispan mountain.

unique places to stay in vietnam

The roof of Indochina – Fansipan

4. Ha Giang: Tourist amenities and attractions in Vietnam

The beauty of Ha Giang is the pristine natural scenery of rocky mountains & spectacular rice terraces, deep valleys. The advisable time to go to Ha Giang is between late October & early November.

You should visit: Quan Ba Twin Ranges, Dong Van Geopark, Ma Pi Leng Pass,… and 16 ethnic brotherhoods with traditional residential areas. Along with the magnificence of the landscape, the visitors will hear about the lifestyle and rich culture of local ethnics groups.

unique places to visit in vietnam

Great forested limestone in Ha Giang

5. Con Dao prison island: Remnants of war

In the past, many people thought of frightening jails when talking about Con Dao. But in recent years, Con Dao is now being chosen as a paradise for leisure nature discovery. Con Dao is the biggest of 16 islands, with about 200 km of coastline.

Moreover, all tourists coming to this gorgeous island will feel the fresh air and relax in their mind. The visitors can also see wild animals because the natural biodiversity here is unspoiled.

unique places to visit in vietnam

Con Dao island

6. Hanoi Old Quarter: The Hanoi symbol

Ha Noi must be on top of tourist destinations in Vietnam. It will be one of the most unforgettable moments of your journey to Vietnam. Ha Noi is famous for 36 Old Streets with a collection of small houses featuring French themes.

Ha Noi is rich in history. You should visit some architectural history in this city. Ha Noi is famous for food so that you can go and eat. We highly recommend you try Ha Noi street food.

tourist attractions in vietnam

Ha Noi – The heart of Vietnam

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7. Cu Chi Tunnel – The underground extensive labyrinth

Cu Chi Tunnels stand out among all locations, which appear to represent a tenacious spirit of VIetnam. If you ride to underground tunnels, you can open a window into the rich past of this land from the Vietnam war.

The tunnels in Cu Chi have become an enduring relic of wartime. Today, there are a popular tourist attraction for those who want to explore the extraordinary steps taken by the Vietnam soldier.

unique places to visit in vietnam

The unique tunnels in Cu Chi

8. Overnight on Cruise in Halong Bay: Best things to do in Vietnam

The best way to explore Halong Bay is to join in an overnight HaLong cruise. A two-day one-night cruise is the most common choice for visitors. You can explore numerous islands, caves, villages and enjoy amazing activities such as: Swimming, rowing boat and kayaking,…

unique places to visit in vietnam

Overnight on cruise in Halong Bay

9. Hoi An – Unique places to stay in Vietnam

In recent years, Hoi An has attracted more and more tourists because of its unique beauty.

Hoi An has lantern-lit nights, which may leave you hopelessly beguiled. The way to Hoi An is not difficult, it takes about 50 minutes drive from Da Nang international airport.

Do not forget to visit the Quan Cong Temple, Cau Bridge, Church of the Tran family, Church of the Nguyen family,… these are all the common places for Hoi An visitors. You should try Hoi An signature food like: Vietnamese baguette sandwich, pork rice noodle, white rose dumpling,..

Tourist amenities and attractions in Vietnam

Hoi An old town

10. Sand dunes of Mui Ne: Place for windsurfers and kite surfers

If you like kite surfers and windsurfers, you must visit Mui Ne. This destination is famous for strong sea breeze so the water activities are so common. The sand dunes are symbols of Mui Ne.

Mui Ne must be one of the unique places to visit in Vietnam because it has both sea and sand dunes. A really cool experience and if you feel adventurous, it is advisable to try quad biking or sand boarding.

unique places to visit in vietnam

The sand dunes of Mui Ne

Wolo Tours hopes that the sharing about unique places to visit in Vietnam has brought you useful information. If you want more posts about Vietnam travel, please let us know. We are always here to make your Vietnam trip more funny and memorable.

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