A Vietnam entry permit must be obtained by all foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam for a business trip or long-term job. If you are a non-Vietnamese person, you will need a work permit or a temporary residence certificate (TRC). Now, Wolo Tours will help you understand what an entry permit is and how to get it. Get started!

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1. What is Vietnam entry permit during Covid-19?

Vietnam entry permit (also referred to as Vietnam visa covid, Vietnam’s visa approval for Covid, or Viet Nam’s expert visa approval) is a special permit issued by the Ministry of Immigration of Vietnam. The Vietnam entry approval letter allows people to enter Vietnam and then stay in Vietnam for a while to engage in business or work.

Here is some information that the permission for entry Vietnam covers:

  • Personal details of foreign experts who will enter Vietnam
  • Name and address of company invited
  • Granted entry and exit date of the holder from the entry permit to Viet Nam
  • Vietnam visas can be issued at foreign Vietnamese embassies/consulates or Vietnam International Airport upon request
vietnam entry permit

Vietnam entry permit allows people to enter Viet Nam

2. Who can have entry permit Vietnam ?

As stated here by the Vietnam Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, to obtain a visa to visit Vietnam, foreign experts must meet certain visa requirements Vietnam, and their families must also obtain visas. The requirements vary depending on the type of visa an expert is following:

  • Foreigners are diplomats, government officials of other countries, and members of their families.
  • Foreigners are investors, experts, and skilled workers who bring their families with them when they move to a new country.
  • A foreigner is a student who is entering Vietnam to study.
vietnam entry permit

Foreigners are investors, experts, and skilled workers,.. can enter Vietnam

3. The requirements of permission for entry Vietnam

To obtain a Vietnam visa, you must meet certain requirements for an entry permit Vietnam:

  • Foreign experts have a sponsorship company in Viet Nam. Or they have a company working in Vietnam, which is responsible for all paperwork and obtains permits for foreigners to enter Vietnam.
  • The employers have all the required documentation for the Vietnam visa.
Vietnam Entry Permit

Foreigners should meet certain requirements to enter Vietnam

4. How to get Vietnam entry permit?

Getting a visa to Vietnam usually involves completing two steps. Firstly, work with a local sponsor to gather the necessary paperwork and submit an application to the relevant authorities. Secondly, traveling to Vietnam and presenting the paperwork to the appropriate government officials. Now, the article will explain to you the details of this process.

4.1 Step 1: Prepare documents for Vietnam entry approval letter

First and foremost, you should prepare some documents related to your entry permit Vietnam. You need to provide the following materials for the embassy to begin the procedure:

  • A certified copy of business registration. This is a document that shows that a business is registered with the government.
  • Form NA2.
  • Form NA16.
  • Other required documents.
vietnam entry permit

Prepare documents for the Vietnam entry approval letter

4.2 Step 2: Get entry permit Vietnam

In this step, the sponsoring company will submit the prepared documents to the Vietnamese Immigration Department for review. If these visas are accepted, the company will be granted a Vietnam entry approval letter (containing information about entry details of the person of entry, the date of entry, and the place of obtaining the visa stamp).

vietnam entry permit

Get an entry permit to Vietnam

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5. FAQ about permission for entry Vietnam

When getting permission to enter Vietnam, you will have many various issues. Because each person is in a different context to the procedure. Now, Wolo Tours will help you answer some famous example concerns that have been asked the most.

5.1. If I have a valid Vietnam temporary residence card, do I need to get a Vietnam entry permit?

There is no need to obtain a visa for entry into Vietnam. You can easily use your TRC.

entry permit vietnam

You can use TRC instead of a visa for entry into Vietnam

5.2. I do not have a sponsor company. Can I have an entry permit in Vietnam?

At present, you can not obtain the Vietnam entry approval letter without the sponsorship of the company. Several companies can provide your sponsor with an entry permit. Wolo Tours advises you should consider this when using their service, as it is not a legal way to enter Vietnam.

5.3. Can I take my wife on my business trip to Vietnam? I am an expert with sponsor

The answer is yes. If your wife is traveling with you and your company agrees to sponsor her entry, Wolo Tours can help both of you get permission for entry Vietnam. You will receive a DN visa and your wife will get a TT/VR visa.

vietnam entry permit

You can take your wife on a business trip to Vietnam

Wolo Tours hope that you can get a smooth process after understanding about Vietnam entry permit. The requirements and steps are easy to be done if you read the article carefully. If you are looking for other information about Vietnam visa service, do not hesitate to contact Wolo Tours through this contact information:

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