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Achieving the equilibrium between the two ends of a polarity is a dynamic process that requires “both-and” thinking, which prioritizes experiencing the benefits of both seemingly paradoxical sides at the same time. Stay up to date Scale AI‘s virtual conferences and events as they explore the shift from research genrative ai to reality within AI and Machine Learning. Moderated by Policy Manager Paula Rabacov, the event brought together four stakeholders from across industry and civil society to discuss child-centric regulatory approaches, the importance of age-appropriate content, and the role of parents and caregivers.

“They look super cool,” she says of game development tools like AI Dungeon. “But this just gives you a flavor of the issues that we will end up having if this all goes on steroids.” Soon, such legal problems will become impossible to ignore. The situation could quickly change if Roblox and companies like it decide they need more of your data. Roblox’s EULA (under the section titled “rights and ownership of UGC”) makes clear that its community doesn’t have the same rights as someone who just builds their own game from scratch. Were the company to change its mind, there is very little, legally, the community could do; Corazza counters that if Roblox acts tyrannically, the community will protest.

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Both of these tools use generative AI, but have been trained on assets that have been released for re-use by Roblox’s community, and not on games created by the community. “Every creator on the platform can leverage these tools without sharing their data,” says Stefano Corazza, head of Roblox Studio. AI Dungeon, by comparison, is pulling out images and ideas from god-knows-where.

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“I think if it is too generalist it ends up being very difficult to get that brand feeling across in these gaming-orientated worlds,” McCafferty said. Although “there are some audiences where it won’t necessarily fit quite the same way”, the virtual Good Housekeeping sofa “has worked and has engagement, so I do think it can go across all generations,” she said. He noted the technology has become “much more accessible” genrative ai over the past three years as previously it was all app-based but now it can be activated through a normal web browser. A Cosmopolitan-branded virtual world is currently being built on gaming network Roblox with the aim of having a complete demo ready by September. Hearst UK’s experimentation with AR, metaverses and CGI influencers is a “long-term preparation strategy” for the next phase of the internet.

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Google’s new AI chatbot Bard and rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT are dominating the conversation surrounding artificial intelligence at the moment. Alice & Smith has developed XR Server, a user-friendly visual management tool that is available on Microsoft Azure and will help users start using the solution with ease. Entertainment agency and game developer Alice & Smith joined Microsoft at NAB Show in Las Vegas, USA, on April to showcase its solutions for audience engagement and monetisation. Inworld’s commitment to open-source initiatives is reflected in its decision to release parts of its platform to the developer community. The company believes that collaboration is the key to fueling innovation and is eager to contribute back to the community that has supported its growth.

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Legoland, for instance, is growing its virtual world and adding a digital layer to its Lego theme parks to better connect with Gen Alpha. The company already offers play experiences that allow visitors to design Lego rocket ships and then scan them onto a digital screen for further customization. Now, it’s exploring ways for Gen Alpha to build their own virtual roller coasters and then experience them in real life. This digital world translates to a demographic that loves designing avatars, decorating virtual realms, and spending virtual currencies. While spatial computing technologies might feel strange to other generations, Gen Alpha can flow comfortably from their virtual selves to their physical selves and will shape the future of this sector.

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Additionally, the metaverse platform stressed an economic system to encourage creation. Roblox has its native in-game currency, which cannot be used outside the game, unlike native tokens of play-to-earn games like Decentraland and The Sandbox. A very interesting feature is that Your characters can show their personalities using different communication ways such as making expressions, speaking, and doing actions.

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The plans echo how rival Roblox is using the tech to enable developers to whip up new games in record time. My daughter, for example, who is nine, only watches media made in spaces where she plays and builds. And as I see it, this underlying desire for highly personalized and participatory media is going to be key in shaping the future of media and entertainment. Already, there are human-centered use cases for generative AI and metaverse technologies.

It is important to understand that virtual influencers are yet to be completely autonomous since they still require a human team to craft and post stories on their social media. Kuki is one of the first virtual influencers to be powered by artificial intelligence. Although other virtual influencers, such as Miquela Sousa, advertise themselves as an AI robot, these CGI avatars are completely dependent on a human team. Kuki, on the other hand is powered by “rules based” artificial intelligence, meaning the content produced by the AI has been human-coded.

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A Textured Approach: NVIDIA Research Shows How Gen AI Helps ….

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