Cost of living Vietnam – Is Vietnam cheap to live? [Detailed list]

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cost of living vietnam
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The cost of living Vietnam is an issue that many foreigners will care about when planning to move to this Asian country. In this article, Wolo Tours will provide you with the characteristics of accommodation, transportation, and food costs. Besides, the comparison between different regions is also mentioned so that you have many choices. Read the article for more details!

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1. Why Move to Vietnam?

Vietnam has an attractive culture and promising economy, so this country is the choice of many foreigners to live in. Vietnam is also a safe place with a low violent crime rate. The average living cost in Vietnam is relatively cheap for foreigners, which is a huge plus. You will be fascinated by the extremely diverse and delicious traditional dishes.

If you love travelling and exploring, Vietnam is an unmissable choice to live in. Vietnam possesses many impressive natural landscapes such as HaLong Bay, Hang Son Doong (the world’s largest natural cave), golden sandy beaches stretching along the coast, and majestic mountains.

cost of living vietnam

Vietnam is also a safe for visitors

The climate in this country varies from the cold of the northern mountains to the tropical climate of the southern plains. The changes in weather have created different landscapes in each region of Vietnam. Besides the natural elements, the historical architectural works of this country are also extremely massive, magnificent, and wondrous.

An important factor that cannot be ignored by foreigners is a lifestyle. You can easily search for jobs to earn income. Vietnamese people are very interested in learning English with native speakers, so people from English-speaking countries will find it easy to find jobs at foreign language schools or centres. Here, you will learn about the cost of living Vietnam to know more about life in Vietnam.


2. Cost of living Vietnam for tourists

Life in Vietnam is worth it for foreigners to spend part of their life living and working. However, the choice of a country to move to needs to be carefully considered before making a decision. To visualize this more specifically, let’s look at information about the cost of living in Vietnam.

2.1 Cost of accommodation in Vietnam

Accommodation is an important place in everyone’s life. You will need to pay a certain amount of money for rent, electricity, water, mobile service, Internet, etc.

2.1.1 Cost of Apartment

Vietnam is a place where rent is relatively cheap compared to the world. You only need to spend $200 to $1000+ per month for your accommodation. Prices vary depending on location, housing type, size, and other service modes.

If you are in less crowded cities, the cost you need to spend for this will be lower than in big cities. For example, you need to spend 3,500,000 to 4,500,000 VND ($150 to $200) for a studio, mini loft studio, or apartment in Mui Ne or Da Lat. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the cost for those types of houses ranges from 5,000,000 to 7,000,000 VND ($250 to $350).

cost of living vietnam

Vietnam is a place where rent is relatively cheap


2.1.2 Length of contract

Besides the cost of living in Vietnam, this issue is also of interest to many foreigners when living in this country. Usually, the minimum lease term is 6 months, but a landlord may ask you to sign for a full year. If you can find someone to rent your apartment on your behalf before the contract expires, you can get your entire deposit back.

Incidentally, there are many foreigners who have never received strange payments despite finishing the contract. Some bad landlords are always looking for ways not to return that money. You should find a place managed by a reputable business (introduced by Vietnamese friends) or a place that invites customers to deposit for 1 month.

2.1.3 Electricity price in Vietnam

Electricity prices in this beautiful country are considered quite affordable. Electricity bills in Vietnam fluctuate between 3,000 and 4,500 VND per KW. You should be careful with places that charge more for electricity than this. There is a small note that the cost you have to pay to pay for electricity will vary between different regions and times:

  • At a studio of about 40 square meters in Ho Chi Minh City: It can cost you about 1,200,000 VND ($50) per month to use all electrical appliances such as a washing machine, air conditioner, electric stove, etc.
  • At a two-bedroom apartment for two people in Da Lat: If you use all appliances such as an electric stove, water heater, large refrigerator, and two computers that work all day, the electricity bill will fall to about 600,000 VND (nearly 600,000 VND). $30).
  • During the Lunar New Year (Tet): Electricity prices may increase slightly, but will not be significant.
cost of living Vietnam

Electricity prices in Vietnam fluctuate between 3,000 and 4,500 VND per KW


2.1.4 Mobile Service and Internet

You will be surprised at the amount of money each person needs to spend due to mobile service and the internet. It does not even affect the average living cost in Vietnam. For as little as $5, you can buy a SIM card with 2 GB of mobile data in Vietnam. You can also buy 28 GB of mobile data per month for only VND 120,000 (nearly $6). Internet fees are usually included in the rent.

2.2 Cost of transport in Vietnam

When coming to Vietnam, moving will make it difficult in the early stages because this is the country of motorbikes. Therefore, one thing that you do not need to worry too much about is the cost to spend on transport. You can buy back old bikes, and machines or hire shuttle services.

2.2.1 Buying a Secondhand Motorbike

Foreigners can easily find pawn shops, liquidation shops, repair shops, or motorbike shops to buy second hand motorbikes. The average price of this vehicle is about $250 (Hanoi), $350+ (HCMC), and cheaper in other areas like Hue, Da Lat, Ha Long, etc. You need to request and check all the documents of the motorbike, they are necessary for the registration of the vehicle to your name.

cost of living vietnam

Buying a Secondhand Motorbike is a good way to save money

2.2.2 Renting a Motorbike

If you stay in Vietnam for a short time, renting a motorbike is the most reasonable choice. You only need to spend from 1,000,000 VND ($ 40) per month to get flexible travel. However, you need to order from 1,000,000 to 2,300,000 VND ($ 40 to $100) and a copy of your passport to receive the car. Upon your return, the deposit will be refunded in full.

2.2.3 Gas

In the past, the price of gasoline for vehicles was not too expensive, only about $ 1 per litre. However, with the general situation of the world in 2022, gasoline prices are increasingly escalating, affecting people’s lives and all production activities.

cost of living vietnam

Gasoline prices are increasingly escalating

2.2.4 Motorbike taxi

Motorbike taxis are a famous means of transport in Vietnam. You should try this travel service to know more about a part of Vietnamese life. Besides traditional motorbike taxis, Grab, Be or GoJek also provide car and motorbike services through technology applications. Prices on the phone app will be listed specifically from time to time to help you feel secure when using it.


2.2.5 Bus

Buses are always cheap public transport for everyone. For just $0.25, you can buy a bus ticket running the inner-city routes to work, school, or any other purpose. In addition, bus routes with longer distances are also very diverse with many trips. Their prices are only about $7 or a bit more. However, this way of moving will make you feel cramped and lose your sense of privacy.

cost of living in vietnam for one year

A bus is cheap public transport for everyone

2.2.6 Bicycle

Bicycles will be a means of protecting the environment and not spending money on fuel. You can buy a used bike for as little as $25. If you want to buy a new car, your local stores will have a variety to choose from. A cheap new bike costs around $80, mountain bikes $120, and road bikes $200. Cycling in cities with chaotic traffic is not a safe choice.

2.3. Cost of food and eating out in Vietnam

Vietnam is a paradise for international travellers who love to enjoy food. For those who intend to live in this country for a long time, you should pay attention to the cost of living in Vietnam for locals for easy comparison.

2.3.1 Cooking

Homemade meals should be prioritized because of their nutrition, convenience, and savings. It only costs 1$ to 3$ for a regular meal, meatless meals are cheaper than that. If you have a small budget, pasta and rice are two choices that should be prioritized. One note when shopping for ingredients is to go to local grocery stores to shop for cheaper prices instead of going to convenience stores or commercialized groceries.

cost of living vietnam

Cooking is very nutritious, convenient, and economical

2.3.2 Eating Out

When deciding to go out in search of food, you should not ignore the street food. They can be found on people pushing carts on the sidewalk in residential areas, schools, parks, and even everywhere. These snacks cost only $1 to $2 so foreigners can enjoy them. A little more expensive are the budget restaurants with $3 – $4 per dish.

If you have a little more money, look for more luxurious restaurants with food prices around $6 or more. With these restaurants, you can experience the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine or even European, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Busy streets like Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien are crowded with tourists, so the food will be more expensive than in other places

cost of living vietnam

Eating Out helps you experience more about Vietnamese cuisine

2.3.3 Food Delivery

When you are lazy to cook and also lazy to go out, a home delivery service will help you all. Usually, you can deliver food for $2 or more, the delivery fee will be free in some cases. If you work hard looking for promo codes you can get free meals. This method is quite quick and affordable.

cost of living in vietnam for tourists

Food Delivery is quick and affordable

3. Cost of living in Vietnam for locals

The standard of living in each region will be different in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City is rated as the place with the highest cost of living Vietnam for one year or one month. Some small cities have a very low cost of living. Here is information about 3 famous cities with international tourists:

3.1 Hanoi Cost of Living: $600 – $900

The cost of living in Vietnam’s capital will be slightly higher than in most other parts of the country. The cost that each household needs to spend monthly in Hanoi has increased compared to many years ago, but everyone’s life is still comfortable. You need to spend about $600 – $900 per month to live in Hanoi. This cost will not include your travel or luxury parties.

cost of living vietnam

Mot Cot pagoda in Ha Noi


3.2 Ho Chi Minh City Cost of Living: $750 – $1,300

Ho Chi Minh City is the choice of many foreigners when moving to Vietnam because of its warm weather, friendly people, and dynamic environment. Its economy is the most developed in the country, so the cost of living you need to spend is also higher than that of Hanoi. On average, foreigners need to spend $700 – $1,3000 per month to pay for life activities.

cost of living vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City – The biggest city in Vietnam

3.3 Hoi An Cost of Living: $550 – $800

Hoi An is a beautiful small city with shimmering lanterns in the evening. The old houses bring a sense of peace to visitors. Life in this city is also more local than in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Therefore, the price of accommodation here is only $300 per month. In addition, the food is also very cheap so you can live in this city for only $550 – $800 per month. Most expats will spend $1,200 per month for two.

what is the cost of living in vietnam

Hoi An – The beautiful ancient city

Through the article about the cost of living Vietnam, you have gained a lot of useful information about the costs to spend while living in this country. If you feel ready for this move, prepare your visa and hit the road! In order for the visa application process to go smoothly, you should contact Wolo Tours directly to receive the most dedicated help

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