The Difference Between Passport and Visa – A Quick Overview

difference between passport and visa
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Both a passport and a visa are necessary for foreign travelling. However, there is some common misconception that they are the same. There is a difference between passport and visa, which will be analyzed in more detail through the article below.

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1. What is a Visa? 

A visa is an official document issued by an immigration authority of a nation allowing a foreigner to travel, enter, remain in, or leave that country. Depending on the case of single or multiple entries, the length of stay will be different. The government issues visas for a variety of purposes, thus resulting in a wide diversity of visa types. For instance, there are kinds of visas for tourism, business, employment, residency and study purposes. Foreigners can now apply for visas in a variety of ways depending on the country they wish to visit.. Typically, the visa will be granted by the Embassy or Consulate of that country.

difference between passport and visa

Definition and some information related to visas

Not all nations required a visa upon arrival. Some countries have exempted the policy of applying for visas on entry such as Southeast Asian countries and some other special nations. However, there are a few countries like America or some European countries where the visa application process is very complicated and requires a variety of rigorous processes. For instance, applicants must complete multiple forms online, and face interviews or medical checks before applying for a visa.

2. What is a Passport?

A passport is an official document under the ownership of the state, issued to each citizen by the competent authority. It is used to verify the identification and citizenship of the owner. This is also a type of permit that gives citizens the right to leave the country and enter another country. The information on the passport includes passport number, photo, full name, date of birth, gender, identity card number, place of birth, issuing agency, place of issue, expiry date and much other important information. Moreover, this is an important book to help stamp the countries you have entered and exited from.

difference in passport and visa

What is a Passport?

Citizens need to complete an application form and submit it to the Department of Immigration and Emigration of their country to obtain a passport. The applicant must prove citizenship with documents such as a birth certificate and government-issued ID. Passports are usually valid for ten years from the date of issue. After that period, citizens have to pay a fee to renew their passports to be able to continue using them.

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3. Similarity and difference between passport and visa

After studying each type of document independently, everyone should be aware of some of the differences in passport and visa. We will analyze passport vs visa in further detail here to better comprehend them.

Similarity between passport and visa: 

Both passport and visa are important and valid documents that foreigners must have for entering, staying in, and departing the majority of nations in the globe.

difference between passport and visa

Similarity and difference between passport vs visa

Difference between passport and visa:

Passport Visa
Content A passport lists the essential information of the owner such as an address, nationality, occupation, and photo of the holder.

A visa does not include all these details like the address, nationality, occupation, and photo of the holder.

Appearance A passport appears to be a tiny booklet with pages. A visa resembles either a sticker or a piece of paper.
Types There are 3 popular passport groups, including

  • General passport: A passport is used mainly on international travel with a validity of 10 years.
  • Service passport: This type of passport is issued to government employees for public service-related purposes. The validity of this passport is 5 years.
  • Diplomatic passport: A passport type issued to consuls or diplomats on business-related trips.
There are 5 popular visa groups, including

  • Tourist visa: A passport kind issued to foreign individuals who come to a country for tourism purposes.
  • Business visa: This passport is granted to individuals who travel abroad for business or commercial purposes.
  • Temporary work visa: A passport for temporary workers abroad for a certain period of time.
  • Transit visa: Individuals traveling in a certain country before moving to a third country (usually for a period of 5 days) will be issued this type of passport.
  • Student visa: This passport is used for individuals who go abroad for study purposes.
Use A passport is considered a special document used to verify the identity of the owner. A visa is an important document to authorize someone to enter, stay and leave the territory.


The aforementioned article provides explanations of the difference between passport and visa. You can contact us for more information on these documents or to get guidance about which one is right for you.

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