The Definitive Guide to the DN1 Visa Vietnam [Update 2023]

dn1 visa vietnam
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As globalization continues, businesses have become increasingly involved in international trade. An essential part of this process is obtaining a license called a DN1 visa Vietnam. What is a DN1 visa in Vietnam, and what conditions and requirements must be met to receive one? The article below will provide you with details about this license.

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1. What is a DN1 visa Vietnam?

A DN1 visa Vietnam is an official license issued by the Vietnamese government that allows foreigners to enter Vietnam for the purposes of working, investing, conducting business, or signing contracts.

dn1 visa vietnam

Background information about DN1 visa Vietnam

Vietnam offers four types of business visas, each valid for a different length of stay and allowing a certain number of entries:

  • 1-month single entry business visa.
  • 3-month single entry business visa.
  • 1-month multiple entry business visa.
  • 3-month multiple entry business visa.
  • 6-month multiple entry business visa.
  • 1-year multiple entry business visa.

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2. DN1 Vietnam visa’s requirements

According to the Vietnamese government, foreigners must fully meet the following requirements in order to be granted a Vietnam DN1 visa:

  • Foreigners who are not prohibited from entering Vietnam.
  • Foreign citizens having a passport with at least 6 months remaining validity after the date of entry into Vietnam and at least two blank pages for Vietnam’s visa stamp and immigration stamp.
  • Those foreigners are invited and guaranteed by Vietnamese agencies, organizations, and individuals to operate legally in Vietnam.
  • Preparing the necessary dossier involves a number of steps, including
    • Vietnam business visa application form.
    • 4×6 cm portrait photo with a white background and be taken within six months within six months of the application’s submission date.
    • In some instances, foreigners are required to provide evidence of the  entry’s purpose.
dn1 visa vietnam

DN1 Vietnam visa’s requirements

Foreigners planning to apply for a DN1 visa Vietnam will need the following required points for documentation:

  1. An information profile of the guarantee enterprise:
  • A certified copy of the business registration certificate of the guarantee organization or business.
  • A written request for entry approval for foreigners (Form NA2).
  • The introduction document with the seal and signature of the competent individual at the company or organization guaranteeing foreign workers.
  1. Documents of foreigners who apply for DN1 visa in Vietnam:
  • A passport with at least 6 months validity.
  • Visa application form.
  • An entry letter approved by the Vietnam Immigration Department that allows foreigners to enter and receive visas.
  • A work permit for foreigners who are required to apply for a work permit or a work permit exemption for foreigners who are exempt from work permits.
  • The work schedule information of foreigners at organizations or enterprises.
  • Referral.

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3. How to get a DN1 visa in Vietnam?

According to Vietnamese rules, the Vietnam DN1 visa application process is one of the crucial processes that must be adhered to completely. The specific processes that foreigners must take to get a visa are outlined below.

  • Step 1: At the head office of the Immigration Department, businesses sponsoring foreign partners need to present a set of Business Visa (DN1) to apply for foreign nationals.
dn1 visa vietnam

The process to get a DN1 visa in Vietnam

  • Step 2: The Immigration Department will process a foreigner’s visa application within 5 working days of receipt of all required and valid documentation.

If the application is approved, the Immigration Department will issue an entry letter to the business and notify the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate or the international border gate where the foreigner is granted a visa.

  • Step 3: Vietnamese enterprises send entry documents to foreigners and verify relevant information for them to apply for a DN1 visa in Vietnam at international airports or Vietnam’s diplomatic missions abroad.

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4. DN1 visa Vietnam’s validity

Vietnamese legislation stipulates that the Business Visa (DN1 visa Vietnam) granted to foreigners will be valid for no more than 12 months.

dn1 visa vietnam

DN1 visa Vietnam’s validity no more than 12 months

Note: In case the passport or international travel document of foreign partners is valid for less than 12 months, the DN1 visa Vietnam will be issued with a shorter term than the Passport or international travel document for at least 30 days.

5. DN1 visa Vietnam’s cost

Foreigners who apply for a DN1 visa Vietnam need to pay a fee to the Immigration Agency or the diplomatic mission of Vietnam abroad. The fees vary depending on the length of stay and the number of entries. The following fees are required by Vietnam’s legislation in order to grant foreigners a commercial visa:

dn1 visa vietnam

DN1 visa Vietnam’s cost

Type of visa Service fee
1 Visa is valid for one time 25 USD/ piece
2 Visas valid for multiple times:
a Visa is valid for no more than 03 months  50 USD/ piece
b Visa is valid for more than 3 months to 6 months 95 USD/ piece
c Visa is valid from 06 months to 1 year 135 USD/ piece


The above article contains information and regulations relevant to foreigners who wish to obtain a DN1 visa Vietnam. If you require further information or would like us to assist you with the application process, don’t hesitate to contact us for the quickest response.

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