Moving to Vietnam from UK| All important things you should know

moving to vietnam from uk
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Moving to Vietnam from UK is being questioned by many people about its feasibility in the context of the pandemic. Besides, many questions about life in this country are also raised. To answer this problem, Wolo Tours has studied and summarized in detail in the following article. Read now to not miss useful information!

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1. Can a UK citizen move to Vietnam?

Traveling to Vietnam is already possible for international visitors. To do that, the first thing you need to do is apply for a visa to travel to Vietnam from the UK. Today, foreigners can also fill out online applications. This method only takes you a few minutes. The important thing is that you need to prepare all the documents that following the Vietnam visa guide:

  • Submit your application at least 7 days before arrival in Vietnam.
  • Personal information.
  • Your British Passport.
    • Biodata page scan with picture.
    • A passport must be valid for at least 6 months.
    • Passport with at least 2 blank pages.
  • Detailed travel plan:
    • Your date of stay.
    • The address of the hotel you will be staying at.
  • Prepare a credit or debit card to pay the visa fee.
moving to vietnam from uk

A UK citizen can move to Vietnam to live

Many people will have difficulty applying for a Vietnam visa UK due to a lack of understanding of the procedural requirements. Choosing a visa service provider will save you time and ensure your upcoming travel. Wolo Tours is honored to be chosen by many international tourists because of the following outstanding advantages:

  • Full support throughout the visa application process.
  • Professional and experienced staff.
  • Application processing time is very fast.
  • Information on the route and procedures will be provided in full and in detail.
  • Additional services such as airport transfers are available.

2. When you travel to Vietnam from UK does visa need?

Besides the question “Can a UK citizen move to Vietnam?”, this is also a common question. Foreigners rarely enter Vietnam without a tourist visa. For passengers holding UK passports, they are exempted from visas for 15 days. This means that UK nationals will not need to apply for a visa if their stay does not exceed 15 days with proof of that trip.

moving to vietnam from uk

When you travel to Vietnam from UK does visa need?

Please note that travel to Vietnam from UK for more than 15 days requires a visa. In addition, if you plan to visit Vietnam more than once and the time between each entry is longer than 15 days, you will also need to apply for a travel visa.

Therefore, like many other nationalities, British citizens need to apply for a visa to be allowed to stay in Vietnam for a longer time. They can get a Vietnam visa on arrival UK or Vietnam e visa UK to enter the country.

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3. The requirements of visa for moving to Vietnam from UK

There are 3 main purposes when moving to Vietnam from UK: Working, visiting, and permanent residency. Each purpose will have many different Vietnam visa requirements for UK citizens. Let’s find out more about this issue through the following content:

3.1 For working

Nowadays, this Asia country is one of the perfect locations for expats to invest or develop their careers. If you want to apply for a business visa to stay and work in Vietnam, you need a sponsorship letter from your Vietnamese employer or other suitable sponsors. Only then will the Vietnam Immigration Department have enough grounds to allow you to enter the country.

travel to vietnam from uk

The Visa working

When you travel to Vietnam from UK to work, the business visa you buy will allow you to live and work in Vietnam for up to 1 year. During the time allowed, you will be allowed to enter this country as many times as you want. At the end of this period, you need to re-apply for the same visa. Do not worry about this because today’s procedures are quite simple when there are visa service providers like Wolo Tours.

3.2 For visiting

This beautiful country is always favored by many tourists when going abroad to explore and experience. Vietnam is also having many policies to stimulate tourism demand, especially in terms of immigration. If British passport holders come to Vietnam for less than 15 days, they will not need a Vietnam entry visa. Short-term overseas trips will become very comfortable for tourists without complicated administrative procedures.

moving to vietnam from uk

Sample of Vietnam visiting visa

If you want to come to Vietnam for a longer period, you can apply for a 1-month or 3-month tourist visa. Sometimes, you want to have longer trips, which can also be met by doing visa procedures at the Vietnamese embassy before arriving in the country. Besides, many visitors will choose to apply for a 3-month visa instead of doing longer permits. However, this is not a good way to stay in this country for long.

3.3 For permanent residency

A permanent resident card or PRC is a mandatory document for British people who wish to reside in Vietnam for a long time. If you want to get PRC, you need to have a temporary residence card (TRC) and have lived at least 3 years in Vietnam. In addition, foreigners must meet one of the following three conditions:

  • A person who fights for the freedom and independence of the Vietnamese race, for socialism, for peace and democracy, and science but who is suppressed.
  • A person has great merit in building and protecting the Vietnamese Fatherland.
  • A person is the spouse, parent, or child of a Vietnamese citizen permanently in Vietnam.

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4. Way of life in Vietnam

When you come to a new country, you need to know the characteristics of culture, history, people, weather… Knowing this information not only makes it easier for you to adapt to the new environment, but also provides foreigners with more knowledge about that country. When you come to Vietnam, you also need to know basic information about the way of life such as lifestyle, getting around or the weather there.

4.1 Lifestyle

When it comes to Vietnam, many foreigners will think of images of a difficult life due to poverty, war, and epidemics. However, the country is making remarkable strides in its economy. People’s lives here have made proud strides, and material and spiritual conditions have been improved.

Vietnam is famous for its vibrant culture, hospitable people, majestic beauty of nature, and ancient architectural works. This country has not only beautiful natural scenery but also cities with bustling life and an interesting transportation system. You will have to spend a lot of time experiencing all the attractive features in this Southeast Asian country.

moving to vietnam from uk

Lifestyle in Vietnam

Vietnamese people take their family very seriously, many generations will often live together with many intimate family events. With the speed of modern development and westernization, young people are also undergoing gradual changes leading to the division between generations. The main job of the people in rural Vietnam is farming, carpentry, and fishing. Religion and traditional customs play an important role in the life of the Vietnamese people.

4.2 Getting Around

When you want to go on long routes in Vietnam, you can choose to fly by plane, train, or bus. This country has more than 20 flights across the country, so domestic flights are very frequent. The train network also extends from North to South, but they have a relatively slow travel speed. Therefore, many people choose the bus as a means of transportation on tours. These means of transport have certain advantages and disadvantages. You should choose according to your purpose.

Can a UK citizen move to Vietnam?

How do you get around in Vietnam?

For shorter journeys, you can choose a taxi to move. This type of vehicle has a currency at a given price, so you can rest assured when using the service. If you want to experience Vietnamese culture, try taking a motorbike taxi (Xe Om). The drivers will skillfully take you around the city. There is a note that you need to negotiate the price before using the service. Another option for tourists is to rent personal vehicles such as motorbikes and bicycles for free journeys.

4.3 Weather in Vietnam

Vietnam’s average temperature ranges from 22°C to 27°C depending on the location because the country is located in tropical and temperate regions. In the south of the country, the weather is usually very hot, sunny, and humid. The northern mountainous regions, on the other hand, have a cooler climate and can get very cold during the winter months.

The rainy season usually lasts from late June or early July to November. During this time, the central regions of Vietnam will be heavily affected by storms and floods, especially in the months from August to October.

moving to vietnam from uk

The tropical weather in Vietnam

5. Cost of life in Vietnam

Do you wonder how much it will cost to travel to Vietnam from UK? In general, the cost of spending time in Vietnam will be quite low compared to traveling in other countries. Therefore, this is a great choice for foreign experiences. Please refer to the cost of living for Vietnamese people to know more about the standard of living here!

5.1 Lifestyle

By British requirements, the fee for dwelling in Vietnam is extraordinarily low. It is properly referred to as a favorite backpacker vacation destination in which it is feasible to stay on very little – specifically in rural areas.

However, most foreigners choose to make their domestic in the cities, with dwelling expenses varying in every city. If you want to live in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you will spend more money.

If you want to save money and experience new things, do not go to the supermarket or convenience store. Groceries and consuming out may be significantly inexpensive, specifically in case you pick out to keep in neighborhood markets or experience road meals and understated Vietnamese restaurants.

moving to vietnam from uk

The cost for living in Vietnam is extraordinarily low

Renting or shopping for a motorbike, or the use of public transport could be very affordable. Vietnam has a tremendous social scene, and most enjoyments are fairly priced. In Vietnam, the prices of activities such as going to the gym, martial arts, or yoga classes are similar to those in the UK. You can go on a trip without missing out on your planned workouts.

5.2 Rent

Electricity, water, and internet bills in Vietnam are usually very cheap, they will rarely exceed £40 per month. For most foreigners when coming to Vietnam to live or travel, the monthly rental cost will be the largest amount of money that needs to be spent. In general, the price to get comfortable accommodation in this country is not too expensive.

There are many options available to you when choosing where to stay. It can be basic rooms in shared houses, comfortable hotel rooms to luxury apartments in the city center. The cost of renting a place to stay varies from 150 to 1000 pounds per month.

moving to vietnam from uk

The cost for renting house in Vietnam not high

5.3 Healthcare

Health is an important aspect to evaluate the life of the people of a country. Recently, the Vietnamese authorities have been operating toward enforcing a country-funded healthcare system, and extra than 1/2 of the Vietnamese populace is now blanketed via means of the brand new scheme.

That said, it is far recommended for UK expats to take out impartial healthcare coverage at the same time as residing in Vietnam. Many huge organizations using expats make medical insurance a part of the employment package. However, if that is not an alternative ensure you are taking out good enough medical health insurance to make sure you get hold of the first-rate viable healthcare in case of an emergency.

moving to vietnam from uk

Healthcare in Vietnam has been developed

As with any kind of medical insurance, the charge of medical health insurance for expats in Vietnam varies substantially depending on the age, clinical history, own circle of relatives, composition of the applicant, and different factors. Without medical insurance, a visit to a medical doctor at an English-speaking clinic ought to cost as much as £90, and a 24-hour stay in hospital a staggering £700.

5.4 Schooling

If you are moving to Vietnam from UK, you need to consider the cost of your children’s education. Every parent wants their child to be exposed to the best training environment. In Vietnam, public schools often train students in a strict direction, so very few foreign families choose to send their children to study.

The majority of expats coming to the UK choose to enroll their children in one of many internationally recognized schools. This educational model is growing strongly in Vietnam. It is not only chosen by foreigners but also by many families with a good standard of living in this country. These schools employ English-speaking teachers and follow more familiar Western teaching methods.

moving to vietnam from uk

Cost of Schooling in Vietnam

Tuition fees for international schools will vary but neither school is cheap. The average tuition fee for a primary or secondary education program is around £15,000 per child. This cost is to ensure that their children meet the requirements of international standard education quality.

6. Popular areas in Vietnam for British people

When you come to Vietnam, where do you plan to stay? This is probably a difficult question for foreigners, especially those who come to this country for the first time. Do not worry about that! In this section, Wolo Tours will help you gain more important information through some sharing about the characteristics of Vietnam’s most prominent cities.

6.1 Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is home to many French colonial architectural works. This city has a long history with extremely diverse cultures. Hanoi attracts visitors with its unique streets, temples, markets, food, and more. You will be impressed when you see the crowded sidewalk shops in the old quarters of Hanoi.

Referring to Hanoi, people not only remember the old things. The capital of Vietnam is also famous for its modern pace of life in the central areas. Vibrant nightlife with many restaurants, bars, and clubs. This city is the perfect choice for those who love shopping with commercial centers and bustling fashion streets.

moving to vietnam from uk

Hanoi – The capital of Vietnam

6.2 Ho Chi Minh City

When it comes to Vietnam, many foreigners will immediately think of the beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh City. It strangely attracts tourists from all over the world. This city is a chaotic metropolis with many attractions and entertainments that you can enjoy. Ho Chi Minh City is also an important financial and economic center of Vietnam. British citizens will easily find many suitable jobs. Besides, the expat community living and working here is very large.

Ho Chi Minh city also has an extremely diverse and rich culture. The youthful pace of this city has a certain influence on the way people live here. They are vibrant, hospitable, and extremely enthusiastic. Here, skyscrapers grow more and more with unique architectural touches. This beautiful city is also known for its authentic Vietnamese food streets. In short, Ho Chi Minh city is an ideal destination for expats.

moving to vietnam from uk

Ho Chi Minh City – The capital of South Vietnam

6.3 Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. This city is a relic of a rich trading port of Southeast Asia in the 15th to 19th centuries. The ancient, unique, and charming riverside setting is imbued with Japanese and Chinese architectural styles. This is a place that attracts a large number of tourists, especially international visitors.

Coming to Hoi An, you will have the opportunity to walk on the same small road to go to restaurants, tea shops, cafes, temples, pagodas, and markets. This city is very beautiful in the night scene, the shimmering lanterns light up the corners of the old town. If you have the opportunity, try to see the two sides of Hoi An city on the rustic wooden boat of the people here.

moving to vietnam from uk

Hoi An is the place that you should visit

6.4 Danang

Da Nang is one of the youngest cities in Vietnam. With rapid development, this is the second-largest city in Vietnam. This city owns beautiful long stretches of sand and enchanting blue beaches. The people of this land know how to make the best use of what mother nature has given them. Luxury resorts are springing up more and more along the coast. This is the point that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists and workers to Da Nang.

In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, the city also has great shopping streets, commercial centers, markets, and especially attractive food courts. Da Nang is famous for its well-invested routes, it will bring you a comfortable feeling when participating in traffic here. This beautiful coastal city is known as “the livable city of Vietnam”.

travel to vietnam from uk

Danang – The best livable city in Vietnam

6.5 Nha Trang

Nha Trang is praised as the pearl of the South China Sea because of the rich beauty of the sea here. The city has a long coastline with diverse coral reefs. Many guests inside and outside Vietnam have chosen Nha Trang as the location for their vacation.

Besides the beauty of the sea, Nha Trang is known for the ancient and sacred architecture of the Champa people, majestic waterfalls, hot springs, and seafood restaurants. This is the right place for a beach trip with its international bustle, many amusement parks, shops, and vibrant nightlife.

moving to vietnam from uk

Nha Trang – The beautiful beach city

6.6 Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a resort paradise in the middle of the ocean in Vietnam. This fantasy island boasts the most beautiful beach in Vietnam with white sand and cool green palm islands. It would be wonderful to swing in a hammock next to the beach to enjoy the cool breeze blowing in the face. Seafood is a must-eat when coming to this paradise island. The fresh dishes prepared according to your choice will bring you a great feeling like never before.

Phu Quoc also has attractive artificial entertainment centers. When you go there, you will in turn have a feeling of being touched by the landscapes of Vietnam and also the old streets in the West. This island is more than just the right place for a classy trip. Coming to Phu Quoc, you can go to traditional craft villages to join the local people to work in the sea or learn how to make fish sauce. Experiential tourism always gives visitors interesting feelings.

moving to vietnam from uk

Phu Quoc – The wonderful Island in the South area

7. Job opportunities in Vietnam for British expats

With the rapid development of the economy, Vietnam is an attractive working environment for expats with many job opportunities. Tourism and foreign language teaching are two areas chosen by many Britons to work in this country. In today’s schools, native English teachers are the first choice. That will create trust from parents of students.

In addition, many other professions still have many suitable positions for foreigners. Some international enterprises in Vietnam regularly recruit British staff. The field of commerce, banking, and export is also a good choice for foreigners looking for a suitable job. When applying for a job in Vietnam, equip a competitive CV and be ready to work hard according to the office culture in this country.

moving to vietnam from uk

Job opportunities in Vietnam for British expats

In today’s article, you have gained important information while moving to Vietnam from UK. Besides, some typical features of famous cities are also summarized and presented in detail. You just need to plan and prepare your visa for this trip. If you have any questions about Vietnam visa application procedures, please contact Wolo Tours.

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