Distance, time difference between uk and Vietnam for traveling

time difference between uk and vietnam
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What is the time difference between UK and Vietnam? When travelling or studying between these countries, you need to consider that they are in different time zones. Besides, the UK has two different time zones in winter and summer, so this factor needs to be taken into account when calculating the time between these two countries. Wolo Tours will show you the details in this article. Read now!

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1. Time difference between UK and Vietnam

Vietnam time is 7 hours ahead of UK time. In the winter, the UK time will follow GMT +0. Thus, Vietnam time will be equal to UK time plus 7. For example, the current time in the UK is 4 am, then it will be 11 pm in Vietnam. Conversely, the UK time will be GMT +1 in the summer, so Vietnam time will be equal to UK time plus 6. The result is that Vietnam will be 10 pm if the UK is 4 am.

Furthermore, to understand why time zones in the UK are subject to daylight variation, you need to understand the definition of DST (Daylight Saving Time). DST is a temporary time zone that is altered due to the amount of sunlight which means fewer mornings and more afternoons. As a result, the time will adjust to 1 hour faster on spring days and back to a normal time in autumn.

time difference between uk and vietnam

Time Difference between Uk and Vietnam

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2. Distance between UK and Vietnam

The UK is located in Russia with a longitude of 98.85 and a latitude of 55.08. Otherwise, Vietnam is located in Asia with a longitude of 105.88 and a latitude of 21.02 on the world map. The total straight line distance between Vietnam and England is 9237.63 kilometres (Km).

The miles based on the distance from Vietnam to the UK are 5740 miles and 4987.92 nautical miles. This is a straight line distance so most of the time the actual distance travelled between Vietnam and the UK may be higher or vary due to the curvature of the road.

time difference between uk and vietnam

Distance between Uk and Vietnam

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3. Travel distance from UK

The journey distance may vary from downward distance due to one-way traffic. With the journey from the UK to Vietnam, each airline will have a different flight time, it depends on the flight speed, route, or choice of a far or near airport, etc. For example, it takes 11.15 hours to arrive if you travel by aeroplane which has an average speed of 560 miles from the United Kingdom to Vietnam.

what is the time difference between uk and vietnam

Travel Distance from UK

This article has provided you with a wealth of information about the distance and time difference between UK and Vietnam for travelling. In addition to supporting information about the visa procedures, Wolo Tours also helps you to get some advice for your Vietnam journey. If you need any further information or have detailed concerns, please feel free to contact the support centre by the following.

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