The tourist visa Vietnam is the most popular type of visa that all travelers are required to enter. Depending on the purposes of a traveler’s visit if the applicants need a visa to travel to Vietnam. Let Wolo Tours show you the instructions on procedures, costs, requirements when applying for a Vietnam tourist visa, normally a 30-day Vietnam visa.

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1. Do I need a visa to travel to Vietnam?

A Vietnam visa is part of the compulsory immigration process for all travelers to the country. Therefore, it is necessary to have a tourist or a business visa based on your purpose if you are not in the list of country that has Vietnam visa exemption.

Vietnam tourist visa

A sample of the Vietnam visa

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2. Types of Vietnam Tourist Visa

Vietnam tourist visa is denoted DL and based on your length of staying, there are four types:

  • The 1-month single entry is valid for 1 month with 01 entry only.
  • The 1-month multiple entries (valid for 01 months with several entries during 30 days).
  • The 3-month single entry (valid for 03 months with 30-day stay with 01 entry only).
  • The 3 months multiple entries are valid for 03 months with several entries during those 03 months, 30 days at maximum each stay.
Tourist visa Vietnam

Types of Vietnam visas for Tourism

3. Tourist visa requirements

To apply for a tourist visa to travel to Vietnam, the below information is required:

  • 02 Passport photos size 4x6cm.
  • Your passport must have 02 blank pages for visa stamp.
  • A passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the intended arrival date. Temporary passports aren’t accepted.
Travel to Vietnam visa

Vietnam tourist visa requirements


4. How to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa?

You can choose one of 3 ways to apply tourist visa:

4.1 Vietnam’s e-visa

You can access the link of Immigration office to do Vietnam’s e-visa as detailed guidelines.

Tourist visa Vietnam

An example for a Vietnam tourist visa on arrival

4.2 Online application

You can access to get the full process for how to complete a Vietnam visa for tourists. The Wolo Tours has detailed instructions for all travelers, you only need to prepare your passport personal data and photos to fill out the required information.

Vietnam 30 day visa

Traveler is applying for a visa online

4.3 Visa from Vietnam embassy in overseas

You should contact the embassy you are applying for the visa with for guidance to prepare the visa application documents, procedure, and fees before visiting there. After a few working days, you can receive your visa and original passport.

Tourist visa Vietnam

Procedure to apply for a Vietnam visa


5. Vietnamese Tourist visa fees

The cost of a Vietnam 30 day visa may vary at the embassy. However, you only need to pay two kinds of fees when you get the visa on arrival, there are service fee and stamping fee. Here is a sample table of the Vietnamese tourist visa on arrival fees which is quoted in the US dollar.




Visa Type (Tourist Purpose)

Processing Time Stamping Fee
Normal Service (24 – 48 hours) – visa stamping fee excluded URGENT  SUPER URGENT EXTREME  



Will be paid at the Airport

1-3 pax 4-6 pax 7-9 pax 10 – upwards (01 working day) (4 working hours) 2 working hours
1 month single 14 12 10 8 Plus $ 10/pax Plus $ 20/pax Plus $30/ pax 25 USD
1 month multiple 15 13 12 10 50 USD
3 months single 25 22 20 18 25 USD
3 months multiple 45 42 40 38 50 USD
12 months travel for US citizens 70 65 62 60 135 USD

6. Vietnam holiday visa processing times

Actual tourist visa processing time may vary due to individual circumstances and it is also affected by Public Holidays. A visa on arrival normally takes 3-5 working days but the approval letter can be received in 1-2 hours and even on weekends in an emergency. Besides, the visa at the embassy needs 5 working days and postal delivery time if you mail your passport.

Vietnam holiday visa

Vietnam visa on holiday

7. Making Vietnam tourist visa/ Vietnam 30 day visa at Wolo Tours

The Wolo Tours is one of the “TOP” places to process your Vietnam tourist visa. Supported by an experienced and dedicated team of consultants, you can access the website or phone (+84) 918 21 2468. The service quality is evaluated with reasonable prices, fast and convenient accompanying procedure.

Tourist visa Vietnam

The best place to do your tourist visa

The article has recently provided you with a piece of information about the “tourist visa Vietnam”. Hopefully, the Wolo Tours can help you to complete the procedure, do not hesitate to visit the company at the below address. Thank you for your attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the procedure to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa at all Vietnamese embassies the same?

No. The procedure, required documents, and processing time and cost of getting tourist visa at Vietnam embassy may vary from embassy to embassy. In case you wish to obtain the visa through this way, please contact the embassy directly for details.


2. What information do I need to submit when applying for a tourist visa to Vietnam?

In order to process an approval letter for Vietnam tourist visa (sometimes called Vietnam travel visas), you need to provide us with the following information:

  • Full name on passport
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Nationality on passport
  • Your passport number
  • Travel dates. They are not required to be exact, planned ones can be provided


3. How to extend Vietnam tourist visa?

Visa extension is an action that is applied for foreigners who wish to prolong their current stay in Vietnam without leaving the country. By this action, you will get an extension stamp on your passport indicating your new stay duration

Note: Visa extension is good for single entry only.


To extend/review Vietnam visa, your original passport must:

  • Be valid for at least 06 months from the time of extension/renewal.
  • Have at least 02 blank pages.

You can apply for a tourist visa extension on your own directly at the Vietnam Immigration Department or apply through our Vietnam visa extension service for your convenience. 

In case you use our visa extension service, you only need to go through the following 3 steps to get your visa successfully extended.

  • Step 1: Send us soft copy of your passport and the page containing your current Vietnam visa and we will inform whether your visa can be extended or not
  • Step 2: Send your original passport to our address and pay the extension fee
  • Step 3: Get your passport with extended stay within 8 working days normally or 3 working days in urgent case upon your request


4. Can I work in Vietnam on a tourist visa?

No, you can’t.

No employment is allowed while you are in Vietnam on a tourist visa. And if you are caught working illegally, you’ll end up in a world of trouble. As such, you are not advised to do so. If you want to work in Vietnam, first find an employer who is willing to apply for your work permit.