An Easy Guide to Transportation in Vietnam 2023

transportation in vietnam
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If you visit Vietnam for the first time, you will be surprised by the traffic system as well as transportation in Vietnam. Travelling to Vietnam, you will encounter diverse means of daily transportation, most commonly motorcycles. More interestingly, although traffic is extremely chaotic, everyone still goes smoothly. Let’s find out more about Vietnam’s transportation through the article below.

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1. Types of Vietnam transportation 

As one of the most densely populated countries in the world, Vietnam transport system is diverse, with countless types of vehicles in order to serve its people’s daily travel needs. The following are some types of Vietnam transportation available so that travellers can adapt flexibly to this country’s traffic.

transportation in vietnam

Some popular means of transportation in Vietnam

  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Coaches
  • Motorbikes
  • Cars
  • Taxi
  • Boats
  • By foot

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2. Transportation in Vietnam by plane – Best for long-distance

Airplanes are a popular and specialized means of transportation in Vietnam for long trips. Vietnam has 22 airports across its territory, connecting all provinces and cities and including flight routes to nearby countries such as China, Japan, Cambodia and many others countries. 

vietnam transportation

The plane is a great Vietnam transport option for long-distance flights

The three largest airports in Vietnam are Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi), Da Nang International Airport (Da Nang), and Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City). Some of the best flight booking sites that tourists should refer to for the best transportation in Vietnam include:

  • Vietnam Airlines
  • Vietjet air
  • Jetstar Pacific,
  • Bamboo Airways

3. Train in Vietnam

If you want to use a means of Vietnam public transportation for long distances but still provide optimal comfort and can enjoy many beautiful sights, the train is the most ideal choice. Vietnamese trains are a relaxing and insightful way to travel the country, with speeds averaging about 40km an hour. There is a single 2,600 km track network connecting the North and South of Vietnam and being operated by Vietnam Railways.

transportation in vietnam

The train is a popular means of transportation in Vietnam

Currently, there are four classes of train seats available to travellers, including hard seats, soft seats, hard beds and soft beds. Each type has different advantages and prices, providing travellers with a variety of choices. Some reputable train ticket booking agencies in Vietnam that visitors can safely use include:

  • DSVN (Vietnam Railways)
  • 12go.Asia 
  • Bao Lau 

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4. Buses in Vietnam

Buses are one of the popular Vietnam public transportation that are chosen by many domestic people and foreign tourists for travelling. The demand for using buses is increasingly popular thanks to a well-developed network of highways, national bus services, as well as a number of private bus services.

vietnam transport

Buses are common Vietnam local transports

In Vietnam, there are two types of buses: public buses and tourist buses. Public buses serve as basic Vietnam transportation for locals at an extremely low price, making them an affordable and convenient means of transportation for most people. Tourist buses, on the other hand, are designed with comfort and safety in mind; they offer a smooth ride and many modern amenities that make travelling fun and convenient.

5. Travelling by motorbike in Vietnam

When it comes to Vietnam’s means of transportation, motorbikes are considered as a popular and symbolized means of transportation in Vietnam. With the characteristics of many alleys and trails in Vietnam, motorbikes are the ideal choice for convenient and fast travel. These vehicles are more affordable for most households in Vietnam thanks to the lower cost of purchasing motorcycles.

transportation in vietnam

Travelling by motorbike in Vietnam

For foreign tourists, travelling by motorbike also offers various advantages. Enjoying the cool breeze and seeing many beautiful scenes, must be unforgettable memories for tourists when driving a motorbike. Visitors can rent motorbikes anywhere, from homestays to rental agencies at low prices, ranging from 150,000 to 300,000 VND/day for scooters and mopeds. 

However, visitors should be aware that traffic in Vietnam is still quite complicated, which means visitors will have to have a driving experience and be extra careful when riding motorbikes.

6. Taxis: Car vs Motorbike 

Taxi is also a popular means of transportation in Vietnam and can be found throughout the country. Taxis charge a flat rate for the first few kilometres, after which they start charging by distance. 

vietnam transport service

Travelling by taxi in Vietnam for convenience

Taxis in Vietnam can be divided into two categories: car or motorbike. Taxi cars will be suitable for long-distance trips and can accommodate 2-3 passengers. Meanwhile, a motorbike taxi will be the ideal choice when you need to travel alone to nearby locations.

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7. Other types of Vietnam transport

Besides the main means of transportation mentioned above, Vietnamese people also use many other means of transportation to serve their daily travel and work needs. Some of these means include cycling, boating and walking.

7.1 Cycling in Vietnam

Visitors will find a Vietnam with romantic, peaceful and nostalgic beauty through the image of graceful girls in Ao Dai and cycling on small streets. Bicycles are a traditional means of transportation in Vietnam and remain very popular. You can see bicycles everywhere, from images of old people cycling to the market in the early morning, young children cycling to school or young people cycling around the river and lakeside.

transportation in vietnam

The cycle is a popular mean of transportation in Vietnam

Bicycles can be rented in a variety of forms. The public bicycle service system provides bicycles for visitors to rent in many locations across the country, or visitors can rent bicycles from individual bike rental units. These are very cheap and start at just $2 per day.

7.2 Boating 

Boat travel is another means of transport in Vietnam for exploring this country, especially in lowland areas with many rivers flowing through. You can hire boats for the day from travel agencies and locals along the river for private tours or fishing expeditions.

vietnam local transport

Try boating for unforgettable experiences

7.3 Walking

If you want a more authentic experience when touring Vietnam, try walking the streets, going deep into the alleys, and exploring every corner of this place. This way, you will not only see many new places but also make more local friends and have better memories of the people here.

transportation in vietnam

Tourists can walk around the city for a more authentic experience in Vietnam

The variety of transportation in Vietnam offers travellers a wealth of exciting choices. Visitors may choose a reasonable means of transport for having interesting experiences when visiting this beautiful country.

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