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Vietnam backpackers hostel is the place that you should try on your backpacking trip. This type of accommodation is chosen by many international tourists because it not only brings comfort but also has a very low price. If you do not have the options for yourself, Wolo Tours will help you get more useful information about backpacker hostels in regions of Vietnam. Read the article now!

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1. Quick overview of backpacker hostel in Vietnam

Vietnam backpackers hostels have some general notes that foreign guests should know before booking. Here are some highlights:

  • Average price: A bed in a dormitory will cost between 4.5€ and 10€ per night. This type of cheap accommodation can fluctuate during the holidays.
  • Check-in and check-out: You can check in around 3 PM and check out before 11 AM. Hostels will help you keep your luggage if you arrive earlier so no need to worry about time. What you need to pay attention to is whether the storage service is free or charged.
  • Location: Hostels can be found everywhere. If in the downtown area, you need to pay more for a night.
  • Quality of hostels: The quality of facilities and services varies greatly between hostels. You are free to choose from bad hostels for 3-5€ a night or better ones for 10€. The choice is up to you but do not be greedy and choose a bad backpacker hostel.
  • Scams: You will encounter some scams by taxi drivers such as hotels running out of rooms, closing doors, or not having resources. They do this to lure you to other places to stay so they get a commission and you may also have to pay more.
  • Communist Country: Vietnam is a communist country. International visitors should respect this.
  • Visa: You need a visa to enter Vietnam. If you have difficulty with the procedure, please contact Wolo Tours for help.
Vietnam backpackers hostel

Quick overview of backpacker hostel in Vietnam

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2. Vietnam backpackers hostel Hanoi location

First, we will come to suggestions about the Vietnam backpackers hostel Hanoi. Coming to the capital of Vietnam, you will have many choices in different areas of the city. In this article, we will go through 4 prominent places:

2.1 In the Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is the most famous location for backpackers in Hanoi. The area is packed with narrow winding streets, shops, and restaurants. Located near Hoan Kiem, the Old Quarter is an area worth exploring. Grab a card from your hostels before you run out so that you have something to reveal to a taxi driver when you get lost.

Vietnam backpackers hostel

The Old Quarter is the most famous location for backpackers in Hanoi

2.2 Around Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem is the location across the lake that gives a peaceful setting, especially at some point in the morning hours while runners and walkers are out and about. During the night hours, numerous households hold out withinside the location. Nearby you will locate museums, restaurants, markets, and a submission office.

vietnam backpackers hanoi

Vietnam backpackers hostel around Hoan Kiem Lake

2.3 Hanoi’s French Quarter

French Quarter is located in the Southeast of Hoan Kiem Lake. As the name suggests, the architectural lines of this area are reminiscent of the French colonial period in Vietnam. It has many government buildings and embassies of countries. This neighbourhood also has many lavish hotels and luxury restaurants.

Vietnam backpackers hostel

Hanoi’s French Quarter is located in the Southeast of Hoan Kiem Lake

2.4 Ba Dinh

Ba Dinh was selected as the administrative centre of Hanoi city during the French colonial period. This place attracts a large number of people and tourists with its botanical garden, One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh museum,…

Vietnam backpackers hostel

Backpackers hostel near Ba Dinh

3. Where do Vietnam backpackers hostel Saigon locate?

Saigon is the familiar name of Ho Chi Minh City. Are you wondering about finding Vietnam backpackers hostel Saigon? Follow the content below for more useful information!

3.1 Near Pham Ngu Lau

This is the place where the vibrant parties of backpackers in Ho Chi Minh City take place. This area includes Pham Ngu Lau Street and Bui Vien Street in parallel. These two bustling streets are connected by small alleys. If you want to find a cheap Vietnam backpackers hostel, this neighbourhood is a perfect choice. You will also be attracted by the bars that are open all night and the bustling casual restaurants.

vietnam backpackers hostel hanoi

Hostel near Pham Ngu Lau

3.2 Near Ben Thanh

Ben Thanh is located in the city centre which is handy for everything, in the element due to the fact there may be a massive metro station nearby. The area has plenty of budget backpacker accommodation as well as slightly more luxurious hotels. If you can afford the accommodation and want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the busy neighborhoods, then this is a good area to stay.

Vietnam backpackers hostel

Ben Thanh is located in the city center

3.3 Near Dong Khoi/Nguyen Hue (Downtown)

You will not have a hard time finding accommodation in this area, including central backpackers hostels. Many famous hotels were built during the French colonial period. You will love places near Dong Khoi/Nguyen Hue because it is close to the center but without the chaos. However, the hostels or hotels here will be a bit more expensive.

Vietnam backpackers hostel

Vietnam backpackers hostel near Dong Khoi/Nguyen Hue (Downtown)

4. The common location of Hoi An backpackers hostel

Hoi An is a beautiful small city located in central Vietnam. The old yellow houses by the river will attract many international tourists. Vietnam backpackers hostel Hoi An also has many impressive features in the architectural style of this ancient city.

4.1 Near Hoi An’s Old Town

Most foreigners when coming to Hoi An walk in the old town, so choosing a hostel in or near it is very right. There are many motels and hotels in Hoi An ancient town. Prices can range from affordable to luxurious depending on the needs of tourists. Traditional food restaurants are a place that you should not miss when coming here.

vietnam backpackers hostel hoi an

There are many motels and hotels in Hoi An ancient town

4.2 Near the beach

The beach in Hoi An is not as beautiful as Nha Trang or Phu Quoc. Although it does not have a picturesque beauty, you can also come to relax and eat seafood. Around the beach, there are plenty of accommodations to choose from. However, international tourists can take a taxi from the Old Quarter to the beach, so renting a hotel is not necessary.

Vietnam backpackers hostel

You can come to the beach in Hoi An to relax and eat seafood

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5. Location of Vietnam backpackers hostel Hue

Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam, is a city with ancient beauty with bold feudal buildings. This city is located on both banks of the Perfume River with two quite different beauties. The north bank is traditional with many historical sites, while the south bank is increasingly modern. We will also learn about Vietnam backpackers hostel Hue in two such areas.

5.1 Near Hue’s New City

Most of the motels or hotels are located in this new city. From this area, you can flexibly move to every tourist destination in this romantic city. Some streets around Pham Ngu Lao (near Le Loi, Chu Van An, Hung Vuong, and Nguyen Cong Tru) will have many backpackers’ hostels.

Vietnam backpackers hostel

There are many backpackers hostel near Hue’s New City

5.2 The Old City and the Citadel

The old city area has a quiet beauty with the residences of the feudal royal family. You can find many budget motels around Dinh Tien Hoang street. Although finding it will be quite difficult, accommodation on the north bank of Hue city will be much cheaper than on the other side.

vietnam backpackers hostel saigon

Finding a hostel will be quite difficult in the Old City and the Citadel

Through this article, you have gained basic information about the characteristics of places where you can find Vietnam backpackers hostel. This type of accommodation is gradually becoming popular in Vietnam, so international tourists can easily find a place that meets their requirements in terms of quality and price. While preparing for your Vietnam trip, contact Wolo Tours for help!

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