Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks | Guide for amazing trip in Vietnam

Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks
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Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks has been concerned by many travellers. This is the principal problem of many international tourists when coming to this beautiful country. They are wondering which places to go, what to experience, or what means of transport. In this article, Wolo Tours will help you with important information to help you plan your upcoming trip to Vietnam. Read it now!

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1. Is 2 weeks in Vietnam enough?

Vietnam travel in 2 weeks is perfectly suitable for foreign visitors. Most of you are working and the time off is also limited. This time is not a journey enough to explore all of Vietnam, but you can visit the sights of this beautiful country. To make the most of this time, you should make a specific travel schedule with the places to go.

Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks

2 weeks in Vietnam is enough

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2. What to see in Vietnam in 14 days ?

With this limited-time itinerary, you should follow a trip through Vietnam in a specific order. In this section, you will be introduced to what to see in Vietnam in 14 days. The trip includes Hanoi (2 days), Ha Long Bay (1 day), Hue (2 days), Hoi An (5 days), and Ho Chi Minh City (3 days). These suggestions are for reference only and you can reverse the schedule or choose other locations.

2.1 Day 1-2: Ha Noi

Hanoi will be the first place to answer the question “How to travel Vietnam in 2 weeks?“. The capital of Vietnam is a city with a long history and unique cultural features. This city is also extremely modern with massive buildings. You can walk along the alleys of Hanoi to fully experience the daily life of the people of this civilized land. Some outstanding places in Hanoi that you should visit are:

  • Hanoi Old Quarter.
  • Hanoi Opera House.
  • Hoan Kiem lake
  • Ngoc Son Temple – The Huc Bridge.
  • One Pillar Pagoda.
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.
  • The Memorial of Literature.
Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks

The capital Ha Noi with ancient street

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2.2 Day 3–4: Halong Bay Cruise

After Hanoi, you will go to Ha Long to continue the Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks. Ha Long is a scenic spot in Quang Ninh province located in northeast Vietnam. Ha Long Bay is considered by international friends as one of the most famous places in this beautiful country. The mysterious, breath-taking beauty of the scenery here will make you amazed because the pictures and footage will not be enough to show it. The small limestone islands rising magically in the middle of the sparkling sea have attracted much love from domestic and foreign tourists.

To visit HaLong Bay, you should book tour tickets for more convenience. This trip has a budget depending on your pocket, you can choose to go from cheap to luxurious boats with different prices, designs, and sizes. You will enjoy rich seafood dishes and a cool sea atmosphere. Coming to this land of legends, do not forget to visit:

  • Bai Tu Long Bay
  • Vung Vien floating village

Bad weather conditions can sometimes cause tours to be cancelled so you need to be careful before booking your Vinh Ha Long trip.

is 2 weeks in vietnam enough

Halong Bay – One of the most beautiful bay in the world

2.3 Day 4–6: Hue

Coming to Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam, you will experience the ancient beauty imbued with feudalism. The poetic architectural works along the Perfume River will attract you at first sight. This city will be suitable for international visitors who like cultural experience tours because Hue is one of the cradles of Vietnamese culture. To have an interesting trip to Hue, you should visit the following places:

  • Hue Citadel.
  • The system of tombs of kings.
  • Thien Mu Pagoda.
  • Truong Tien Bridge.
  • An Dinh Palace.
  • Ironwood Bridge.
Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks

The ancient city – Hue

2.4 Days 7–11: Hoi An

Hoi An, a world heritage recognized by UNESCO, is a place that you should not miss when coming to Vietnam. This small city is imbued with Japanese and Chinese architecture. The old yellow houses on the riverside will bring visitors a feeling of peace and relaxation. The streets of Hoi An are decorated with colourful lanterns. The beauties from the past are still boldly imprinted in this land. When you come here, you should try going to some of the buildings:

  • Hoi An Walking Street.
  • Bridge Pagoda.
  • Phung Hung House.
  • Fujian Hall.
  • Hoi An Museum of History and Culture.
  • An Bang Beach.
Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks

Hoi An ancient city

2.5 Day 11–14: Ho Chi Minh City

The last destination in the Vietnam travel itinerary 2 weeks is Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon. This city is famous for the dynamism of daily life. The streets crowded with motorbikes will amaze foreign visitors. The cuisine of Ho Chi Minh City is also a highlight of the trip here, the eye-catching and delicious street food will attract everyone. This lavish city will be the perfect place to end your Vietnam trip. Some highlights of Saigon are:

  • Ho Chi Minh City City Hall.
  • Central post office.
  • Bitexco Tower.
  • Ben Thanh market.
  • Independent Hall.
  • War Remnants Museum.
vietnam travel in 2 weeks

Ho Chi Minh City – The capital of South Vietnam

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3. How to get around on Vietnam travel itinerary 2 weeks ?

3.1 By bus

Buses are a way to help foreign tourists save a good amount of money. You can buy sleeper bus tickets to go around Vietnam. This type of car will help you get comfortable when traveling on long routes. If you do not know anyone to ask to buy tickets, please contact the agents for advice.

Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks

Feel comfortable with sleeper bus – for a long journey

3.2 By train

The train is a very interesting transport for sightseeing along the way. The carriages of Vietnam have been given a certain repair to no longer look old. However, the speed of this way is quite slow, so it will greatly affect your Vietnam travel in 2 weeks schedule. If you have a long trip, experience the feeling of slowly watching the majestic natural landscapes of this country.

Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks

See beautiful sight by train in Vietnam

3.3 By airplane

Domestic flights are the best choice for short 14-day travel. Airfares in Vietnam are not too expensive and are suitable for most foreigners. The service quality of Vietnam Airlines is also highly appreciated by customers. If you go on a long journey, flying will be an irreplaceable transport for you.

vietnam itinerary 2 weeks family

Traveling Vietnam by airplane is suitable for all visitors

3.4 By motorbike

It would be interesting if an international visitor rode a motorbike to visit Vietnam. This is also a good way for you to experience life in this country firsthand. Some foreign tourists bravely conquer the most majestic pass in Vietnam – the Hai Van pass. However, motorbikes are only suitable for short and less dangerous journeys. Therefore, you should consider it carefully when choosing this type of vehicle.

Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks

Feel the nature of Vietnam by motorbike

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4. How much does Vietnam travel in 2 weeks cost ?

You will be surprised with the amount of money you need to spend on Vietnam travel in 2 weeks. This country is a suitable location for budget trips. If you do not include the cost of moving, you only need to spend from $500 (£400) for a period of 14 days. Here are some specific prices:

  • Bed in hostel dorm: 90,000 -180,000 VND (about $7) per night.
  • Mid-Range Hotels: About 250,000 VND ($10) per night.
  • Street food: Very cheap. Each Banh Mi loaf with full ingredients only costs 15,000 VND (80c/50p).
  • Local restaurants: Dishes are varied with prices starting at 30,000 VND ($1.30 / £1).
  • Bus and train tickets: from just $7 per ride.
  • Tours: Tickets for mid-range tours at landmarks like Ha Long Bay, and Sa Pa will be around $350).
Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks

The cost of travelling in Vietnam travel for 2 weeks

Vietnam itinerary 2 weeks will be a very interesting journey if you know how to make the most of your precious time. All specific information for this trip has been provided by the article, you just need to prepare the procedures to apply for a visa for yourself. This job will cause you some obstacles but do not worry because Wolo Tours helps you. If you have any questions when applying for a visa, please contact the information below for dedicated guidance.

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