Vietnam transit visa: Requirements, regulations & exemption

Vietnam transit visa
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The Vietnam transit visa is only used to complete procedures at the international airport through the requested country. What are the requirements for a transit Vietnamese visa? What are the regulations and factors of the exemption? Let Wolo Tours show you the following details.

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1. Does Vietnam require a transit visa?

No, Vietnam is one of the countries which do not require any transit visa if you plan to stay inside the airport for transit purposes only. However, there are Hanoi Noi Bai international airport and Da Nang international airport are rather small and not the best places for a light-sleeper so you need to apply for a single entry visa sometimes.

Vietnam transit without visa

Vietnam does not require a transit visa

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2. Vietnam transit without visa case

Foreigners can transit in Vietnam without applying for a visa if meeting both of the following conditions:

  • The tourist’s layover in Vietnam is less than 24 hours
  • They stay in transit areas while waiting for their next flight
Vietnam transit visa

Transit visa in Vietnam

3. Who needs a transit visa?

Visitors to Vietnam who are staying in the country for 24 or more hours will need to hold a Vietnam visa. This is also applicable for arriving travelers who wish to leave the airport for any reason during the transit period.

Transit visa for Vietnam

Visitors to Vietnam for 24 or more hours will need to hold a Vietnam visa

4. Vietnam Transit Visa Requirements

There are only obtain the following documents, the travelers will be granted a transit visa in Vietnam.

4.1 Compulsory documents

Compulsory documents include a passport which is valid for at least 6 months, a ticket specifying the third destined country, a visa issued by the arrival country as mentioned (in case there is no visa, the arrival country must be in the list of countries that provide nationality of the traveler with visa exemption policy).

Vietnam transit visa

You need to prepare Vietnam transit visa requirements

4.2 Transit area

The transit area will be promulgated and restricted by the authority in which travelers shall stay during transit duration. On the other hand, the travelers who want to go outside the transit area for any purpose, that individual shall become subject to a compulsory transit visa under a specific transit duration.

Vietnam transit need visa

The required transit visa

5. How to get a Vietnam transit visa on arrival?

There is no exact answer or confirmation for all cases as to whether you need a transit visa for Vietnam depending on your certain situation.

5.1 Apply for a Vietnam transit visa from the embassy

Getting an embassy visa for Vietnam transit means that you will get a visa issued by the country embassy before your departure. If you choose to get your visa this way, you need to contact the Vietnam embassy in your country and follow the required procedures applied by such an embassy or consulate.

Vietnam transit visa

The common way is applying for a transit visa in the Vietnam embassy

5.2 Apply for Vietnam Transit Visa e-visa online

All travelers eligible for the Vietnam e-visa can apply for a transit visa online through a simple electronic form, which takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The e-visa approval letter for transit can be sent to your email and then you can print it to present at Vietnam border control officials upon arrival in the country.

Vietnam visa transit

An e-visa transit to Vietnam

5.3 Get a Vietnam transit visa on arrival

This way of getting a transit visa for Vietnam is also easy and suitable for all travelers transiting in the country by air. With a visa on arrival, the travelers only need to complete an online form to get a visa approval letter via email within a certain period, and then get a visa stamped upon arrival at the Vietnam international airports for transit.

Vietnam transit visa

Getting a transit visa on arrival is a convenient way

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6. How much does a Vietnam transit visa cost?

The Vietnam transit visa cost may vary depending on the way you get your transit visa. It will be 25 US dollars for an e-visa, the US$25 plus the visa approval letter fee for visa on arrival, and flexible for the embassy visa depending on the Vietnam embassy or consulate.

Transit visa Vietnam airlines

The cost of getting transit visas for Vietnam

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Vietnam transit visa

Contact Wolo Tours to get help about Vietnam visa

This post has recently provided you with a variety of information about the Vietnam transit visa. Hopefully, you will get suitable choices and have a wonderful stay in Vietnam. Please feel free to contact Wolo Tours for any concerns about your problems.

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