Vietnam Visa 3 Months | Things to Know & How to Apply

vietnam visa 3 months
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A Vietnam visa 3 months is beneficial for people who intend to stay in Vietnam for three months without leaving. There are two types of three-month visas for Vietnam: single entry and multiple entries. Learn more about this type of visa in the following article.

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1. General information about 3 months Vietnam visa

A Vietnam visa 3 months is beneficial for those who wish to stay in Vietnam for three months without leaving the country. This visa permits you to stay in Vietnam without interruption for 90 days, and once you depart the country, it will expire.

A Vietnam visa 3 months is always associated with a business visa. Although your stated purpose of the trip is for vacation, you can get a three-month Vietnam business visa. It doesn’t matter if you apply for a visa that is inappropriate for your intended travel purpose. This is because no Vietnam Immigration Office cares about your reason. Therefore, if you wish to stay in the country for longer than one month, you definitely can apply for a Vietnam business visa with a 3-month validity.

vietnam visa 3 months

A Vietnam visa 3 months is associated with a Vietnam 3 month business visa

2. Types of Vietnam visa 3 months

There are two types of Vietnam visa for 3 months including Vietnam single entry visa and Vietnam multiple entry visa. Here is all information about these visas:

2.1. 3 months single Vietnam visa

A Vietnam visa 3 months single entry allows you to enter or exit Vietnam once, and is sometimes known as a visa with single use. Once a single-entry visa has been used, you cannot  return to Vietnam without applying for a new visa. With a 3-month single-entry visa, for instance, you can enter Vietnam and stay for less than 90 days.

Three-month single-entry business visas for Vietnam can be obtained at the Vietnam Embassy or via the visa-on-arrival service at Vietnam’s airports. People would often prefer to apply for visas upon arrival to save time and money. It is particularly advantageous for individuals who reside far away from the Vietnam Embassy. The single Vietnam visa stamping price for three months is USD 25.

vietnam visa for 3 months

A Vietnam visa 3 months single entry fee is USD 25

2.2. 3 months multiple Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry permits repeated entries into the country. The way to apply for this type of visa is similar to the three-month single-entry business visas but the cost is much 2 times higher, 50 USD. However, this fee is entirely justified due to the high degree of adaptability. For instance, you intend to visit Vietnam for three months. In this period, you would like to travel between Vietnam and Thailand. You can require a 3 month multiple-entry Vietnam visa in order to leave and re-enter Vietnam several times during 3 months.

vietnam 3 month tourist visa

Vietnam visa 3 months multiple entry permits repeated entries into the country

3. How to apply for Vietnam visa for 3 months

3.1. Apply for visa at Vietnam Embassy

This is the standard method for applying for a Vietnam visa for 3 months by a foreign national. Simply follow these procedures to apply for a Vietnam visa 3 months at the Vietnam Embassy in your area:

  • Contact the Embassy to schedule an appointment.
  • Visit the Embassy’s website, then download and complete the application form.
  • Bring all required documentation.
  • After five business days, return to the Vietnam Embassy to obtain your visa.
  • The processing time depends on how quickly you need your visa. In numerous situations, time will not be identical. You should contact your agency or the Vietnam Embassy in advance for more information.
vietnam visa 3 months

Applying for visa at Vietnam Embassy is a traditional way

Documents required to apply at the Vietnam Embassy:

  • A filled-out visa application.
  • Your legitimate original passport.
  • 2 passport-size photographs (30mm width x 40mm height, in colour, taken within the past six months and without wearing glasses).
  • Your flight reservation.
  • Visa fee payment receipt (whether utilizing a courier service or transferring the amount into the Embassy’s bank account).
  • Evidence of accommodation for the entire visit.

3.2. Apply Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa 3 months on arrival is appropriate for individuals who live so far away from the Embassy or Consulate that they do not have the time to apply in person.

e visa vietnam 3 months

Fill out the visa application form online

To apply for a 3-month Vietnam visa on arrival, you need complete the following steps: 

  • You need to select the type of Vietnam visa 3 months you desire and fill out the online application forms. The required information includes your full name, passport number, date of birth, gender, nationality, arrival date, and visa type… Verify that your information is accurate, pay using one of the accepted payment methods, and fill out the secure payment page for our visa service charge.
  • Receive letter of approval within working hours. As processing time, the approval letter will be processed and delivered automatically to your contact’s email address.

Other information relating to Vietnam visa:


The above article has provided you with valuable information about the Vietnam visa 3 months. If you would like to apply for a Vietnam visa for 3 months, single or multiple entry, please contact us for more details. 

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