Vietnam visa application form 2022 | Offline & Online form

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vietnam visa application form
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Vietnam visa application form is a compulsory document of all foreign passengers arriving in Vietnam. The application form will be distributed to you on the plane or upon your arrival at the Vietnam airport. You can also save time by downloading the form and filling it out in advance. Wolo Tours will introduce you to step-by-step instructions for completing.

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1. Steps to apply for Vietnam Visa

Here is about step by step helps you to apply for Vietnam entry visa easily:

1.1 Step 1: Get started by filling out the online form

Application form for submitting to Immigration office in Vietnam – NA2 form.

– If you do visa, you can visit the website of Vietnam Immigration office to submit.

– If you use the Wolo Tours – Vietnam visa online, we will fill the form, instead of you. We will also provide you useful Vietnam visa guide

vietnam visa application form

Download Vietnam Visa Application Forms


1.2 Step 2: Submit to Immigration

After finish filling the Vietnam visa on arrival form, it will be submitted to Immigration. It takes you around 3 working days to get Vietnam visa letter of approval that is to let you come to Vietnam.

1.3 Step 3: Fill out Vietnam Visa On Arrival Application Form

Upon arrival or at the airport, you must fill the form NA1 to submit to Immigration counter at the airport to stamp the visa on your passport. Remember to prepare Vietnam visa photo size before to stick on your form.

Below the guideline how to fill the form:

  1. Your full name must be written in CAPITAL. For an example of WALTER ROBERT RUDOLPH.
  2. Sex: male or female.
  3. Date of birth: write in DD/MM/YYYY format (Ex: 01/12/1980).
  4. Place of birth: Write both city and country names.
  5. Nationality at birth is filled in your nationality when you were born.
  6. Current nationality: Fill in your current nationality as shown in your passport.
vietnam visa application form

The first steps of filling out the Vietnam visa application form

7. Religion: Write down if you have or “NONE” (if not).
8. Occupation: Leave it blank or fill out your original occupation.
9. Employer and business address can have it filled out or leave it blank.
10. Permanent residential address: Your address and phone number in your current country.

vietnam entry visa application form

Filling out the information

11. Family members: Fill in the table guidelines. This information will just be for the immigration Department’s reference in emergency cases.
12. Passport or international travel document number: There are currently three kinds of passports: ordinary passport, diplomatic passport, and official passport. Only choose one suitable kind of passport.
13. Fill in the arrival date of previous entry into Vietnam or leave it blank.
14. Intended date of entry: Fill in your expected arrival date and staying duration in Vietnam. It is not as long as the arrival date before and after the exit date noted in your Vietnam visa approval letter.
15. Purpose of entry: The entry purpose as specified in your visa approval letter (tourism or business).

vietnam visa application

Application form guidelines

16. Intended temporary residential address in Vietnam: your expected hotel’s address or friend’s, relative’s address.
17. Hosting organization/individual in Vietnam (if any): The name and address of it or just write N/A.
18. Accompanying children under 14 years old is included in your passport. If you do not have any, or your children have their passports, you can leave them blank.
19. Applying for a visa: Select a single entry visa or a multiple entries visa. Also, fill in the valid duration of the visa as specified in your Vietnam visa approval letter.
20. Other requests: any request if you want or N/A.

vietnam visa application form

The last notices of filling out the form


2. What is the new digital Vietnam Visa?

The new digital Vietnam visa is known as an electronic visa that travelers can be granted before departure. Travelers can also avoid waiting in the stamping fee queue at the airport. The e-visa is cheaper and saves a lot of time at the airport compared to the old visa on arrival.

vietnam visa application

Visa Application Form Immigration Concept


3. How can I apply for a Vietnam visa online?

How to get a Vietnam visa online?” It is a common question of Vietnam visitors. In this paragraph, we will answer it for you.

It is faster and easier to apply for a Vietnam visa online, you can access the website and follow these steps:

  • Choose the visa options including the purpose of visit, a type of visa, the number of applicants, and the processing time you wish to do.
  • The next step is to fill out the online visa application form, your information must be as same as your passport’s.
  • Finally, the payment. Visa Vietnam cost for online visa is clearly shown. All of your information is checked for common mistakes that you need to edit. Vietnam E visa cost is not high.
  • You will receive the document via your e-mail within a few days. Print it and take it with you.
vietnam visa application form

How can I apply for a Vietnam visa online?


4. Requirements and validity of Vietnam visa application form

There are some below visa requirements Vietnam for application you need to notice when you have a travel to Vietnam.

  • You must have a Vietnam visa before starting your journey.
  • Your passports must be valid for at least 30 days after the expiry date of your visa.
  • You should not have a mental illness or transmittable disease which is dangerous to people’s health.
  • You have been not deported from Vietnam in the past 3 years.
  • You can only arrive and depart from one of the designated airports.
vietnam visa application

Requirements and validity of Vietnam visa application form

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5. Time frame required to submit Vietnam visa application form.

The Vietnam visa application will be approved on average within 3 working days. There is the urgent delivery option when you want to be done earlier but this way is not encouraged because of some unexpected cases.

vietnam visa application form

The time frame required to submit the Vietnam visa application form


6. Note when applying for a Vietnam visa

Due to the Covid-19, getting an online Vietnam visa is limited, especially tourist visa. The are some notification for Vietnam visa covid:

  • Due to the Covid-19, getting online Vietnam visa is limited, especially tourist visa.
  • From 15 Mar 2022, Vietnam will reopen totally for all foreigners who want to come to Vietnam for business or tourist purposes. Please follow the new policy and condition on our website at ” Blog – Immigration notices”.
vietnam visa application

Note when applying for a Vietnam visa

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This article hopefully provided you with a lot of updated information about the Vietnam visa application form in 2022. If you need any further Vietnam visa service, please feel free to contact Wolo Tours. Thank you for your attention to these details.

Contact information:

  • Address: 2nd floor No 02, Alley 232, Yen Hoa street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, Viet Nam
  • Website:
  • Hotline: (+84) 918 21 2468
  • Email:


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I apply for a Vietnam visa online?

You need to take three steps:
1. Filling out the online form.
2. Submitting to Immigration.
3. Filling out Vietnam Visa On Arrival Application Form.


2. How to fill in the On Arrival Form (Entry/Exit Form)?

You have to fill all of the information, includes: Your personal information, Purpose of entry, Intended temporary residential address in Vietnam, type of applying visa ang other request.


3. How long does it take to apply for a Vietnam visa?

Your Vietnam visa will be approved within 3 working days.


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