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vietnam visa express
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The Vietnam visa express service helps travellers obtain their urgent Vietnamese visas as quickly as possible. We offer rapid processing of urgent Vietnam visas, with a one-day turnaround or less. If your visa application has encountered difficulties – or if you need a new passport for any reason—our service can save your holiday!

Important note: This service is only available for the Vietnam e-visa.

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1. How fast can you get a Vietnam visa express?

To know how long it takes to get an emergency visa Vietnam, let’s take a look at the information below. Currently, there are 3 types of Vietnam visa express services:

For each type of visa, we offer an emergency visa Vietnam service within 1-3 working days with 3 levels: Urgent – Super urgent – Extreme. For the Urgent visa case, you can get your visa application in just 3 working days. Super Urgent level takes 2 working days to make your visa done as you request. If a customer is in a hurry for a visa, they can book the Extreme level and it would take merely 1 day to finish. If you wish to get an urgent visa Vietnam as quickly as possible, then our service is perfect for you. 

vietnam visa express

An urgent Vietnam visa can be done in 1-3 days

Important note: Vietnam visa express is available on working days only. Other requests on weekends or Vietnam national holidays will proceed on working days.

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2. Emergency Vietnam visa fees

Our prices are very competitive, so you will save money when you book with us. Each type of urgent Vietnam visa service has different expenses, so please choose carefully which one you want to get. Or you can contact a Vietnam visa center like Wolo Tours for faster and easier booking.

urgent vietnam visa

The costs of an emergency visa Vietnam depend on which visa you need

Vietnam visa for tourist:

1 month single 1-3 pax 75$ 80$ 90$
4-6 pax 73$ 78$ 88$
7-9 pax 71$ 76$ 86$
10 – upwards 70$ 75$ 85$
1 month multiple 1-3 pax 100$ 105$ 115$
4-6 pax 98$ 103$ 113$
7-9 pax 96$ 101$ 111$
10 – upwards 95$ 100$ 110$


Vietnam visa – specially required:

This is the emergency Vietnam visa procedure for India, South Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Israel, South Africa which is more complicated; we will therefore charge such nationals higher fees.

1 month single 1-3 pax 90$ 100$

Contact our support: (+84) 918 21 2468

(case by case)

4-6 pax 88$ 98$
7-9 pax 86$ 96$
10 – upwards 85$ 95$
1 month multiple 1-3 pax 115$ 125$
4-6 pax 113$ 123$
7-9 pax 111$ 121$
10 – upwards 110$ 120$


Vietnam visa for business:

Most passport holders can get an invitation to enter this country for the purpose of work or business with ease. This is an open policy of the Vietnamese government to promote investment and cooperation opportunities between countries inside and outside the territory. 

1 month single 1-4 pax 315$ Contact our support: (+84) 918 21 2468 Contact our support: (+84) 918 21 2468
from 5 pax upwards 310$
1 month multiple 1-4 pax 340$
from 5 pax upwards 335$
3 month single 1-4 pax 445$
from 5 pax upwards 435$
3 month multiple 1-4 pax 495$
from 5 pax upwards 485$


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3. How can I get an urgent Vietnam visa?

There are a number of ways to get an emergency visa Vietnam including sending emails, and texting via the website…. And the easiest and most convenient way to get an urgent visa Vietnam is to contact us at our hotline: (+84) 918 21 2468. Simply leave a message or a call and we ensure to provide you with the best services. 

emergency vietnam visa

The fastest way to get an urgent Vietnam visa is to call the hotline


Vietnam visa express service is a convenient and fast process for foreigners who need a visa promptly. Hopefully, you’ve chosen the appropriate service for your needs. If you are seeking a Vietnam visa express and urgent Vietnam visa service, please contact us via the details below for further assistance.

Contact information:

Wolo International Travel Service and Commercial Investment Joint Stock Company:

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