Vietnam visa for Ireland | How to get a Vietnam visa in Ireland?

Vietnam visa from Ireland
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The Vietnam visa for Ireland citizens is one of the compulsory documents when travellers immigrate to Vietnam. Are you looking for to taking it? How to get a Vietnam visa in Ireland? Wolo Tours’ Visa Services is introducing all of the guidelines you need to know in this article.

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1. Do I need a visa for Vietnam from Ireland?

All Irish passport holders are required to have a visa to visit Vietnam from Ireland. Travelers who intend to stay for less than 30 days and visit for tourism can travel on a single Vietnam entry visa with an Irish passport. Travelers who wish to stay for more than 30 days or travel for a purpose other than tourism will need a multiple-entry visa, which can last for up to six months.

Vietnam visa from Ireland

All Irish passport holders must have a visa to visit Vietnam

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2. Visa requirements Ireland Vietnam

Here are the visa requirements for Vietnam from Ireland:

  • Passport: Your passport validity does not expire within 6 months of your arrival in Vietnam and has 2 blank pages.
  • The Vietnam visa photo requirements UK: You need 2 photo sizes 3×4 and 4×6.
  • Stamping fee: You will pay an additional fee in case you wish to get a visa upon arriving at the Vietnam International airports.
Vietnam visa for Ireland

Some requirements for Ireland in Vietnam

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3. How to get a Vietnam visa in Irish?

3.1 How to get a Vietnam visa in Irish?

Irish passport holders have two available choices to make a visa to visit Vietnam from Ireland:

  • Visa at the local embassy: Unfortunately, there is no Vietnamese embassy in Dublin, Ireland. Instead, you can contact the one in London.
  • Vietnam visa on arrival UK: It is the most convenient way to get a visa on arrival online. You can complete the online form, and get the approval letter through your email after a few working days.
Vietnam visa from Ireland

There are two ways to get a Vietnam visa in Ireland

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3.2 Get a Vietnam visa online (Recommended)

Irish citizens arriving in Vietnam by air should apply for a Vietnam e visa UK upon arrival as there is no need to contact the embassy. You just need to follow three simple steps:

  • Access the website and fill out the secure online application form, and make payment of the service fee.
  • Receiving the visa approval letter by your email.
  • Getting visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport and paying for stamping fee there.
Vietnam visa for Ireland

Getting a Vietnam visa online in 3 steps

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4. Vietnam visa cost from Ireland

If you have question: “Vietnam visa how much does it cost?”. We will answer it. The Vietnam visa costs travelers from Ireland as the below table and is quoted in US dollars. You should better contact Wolo Tours’ Visa Services to get the latest prices as they will vary by the market.

Type of visa Tourist visa Business visa Stamping fee
Single 1 month 18 70 25
Single 3 months 28 95 25
Multiple 1 months 21 75 50
Multiple 3 months 43 110 50

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5. The processing time and cost of Vietnam visas for Irish citizens

To meet the requirements of all Irish citizens, we have formulated three different payment packages depending on the urgency of your Vietnam visa application.

  • Standard processing: This option is the most convenient and will take up to 5 business days. You will have to Vietnam visa fees 52.50 USD.
  • Expedited Processing: For only 73.50 USD, this option will get your Visa approved in 4 working days.
  • Super Rush Process: This procedure will help you get a visa in just 3 working days. This is the best choice for urgent travel plans with 130.50 USD.
Vietnam visa cost from Ireland

The processing time and cost of Vietnam visas for Irish citizens

6. Wolo Tours’ Visa Services – The unit specializes in making Vietnam visas safe and fast

Making a visa is easier and easier for Irish citizens as Wolo Tours’ Visa Services has become one of the best agents for Vietnam visa guide services in Vietnam. The enthusiastic supporting team will be always available by:

  • Emailing
  • Phoning (+84) 918 21 2468.

You will get a lot of high benefits in terms of the visa procedure, reasonable prices, and many others:

  • You are supported with any detailed information
  • Experienced and professional consultants
  • Your visa processing time will be done quickly
  • The fees are surely lower than anywhere
  • The information about the route and procedures is completely provided in detail
  • There are accompanying services such as direct airport shuttle support by car fast track service and car pickup
Vietnam visa for Ireland

Wolo Tours’ Visa Services – The prestigious Visa address in Vietnam

7. Frequently asked Questions

Not only visitors from Ireland but also over the world have these same questions when planning to visit Vietnam. You can read and find out the answer for your wondering matter.

7.1 Can I get a Vietnamese tourist visa in Ireland when I am an Irish passport holder?

Yes, you can get a Vietnamese tourist visa in Ireland when you are an Irish passport holder. You just need to prepare the compulsory documents and follow the procedures.

Do I need a visa for Vietnam from Ireland

Can an Irish passport holder have tourist visa in Ireland?

7.2 Visa to visit Vietnam from Ireland

In case you are on a cruise with 3 stops in Vietnam over a week, you should ask your cruise line to arrange a visa for you. If they cannot, you ought to check Vietnam e-visa to see whether you can apply for an e-visa for Vietnam. Otherwise, you need to contact the Vietnam embassy to get a visa for your cruise.

Vietnam visa for Ireland

Contact the embassy for help with visa problem

This article has already provided with you a variety of information about a Vietnam visa for Ireland citizens. Wolo Tours’ Visa Services would like to help you complete the visa process, you do not hesitate to contact this agent for any further service.

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