Vietnam visa length of stay for how many days? [Updated 2022]

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vietnam visa how many days
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Vietnam visa length of stay has been concerned by many tourists. The Vietnam visa length of stay will vary depending on the type you apply for. In this article, Wolo Tours will tell you about Vietnam visa duration. Read the article to know the type of Visa you apply for.

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1. Vietnam visa how many days for each type

Vietnam visa how many days?” is the most asked question. You can conclude between the electronic variant which can do put out online, one of the individual visas on coming, or a physical passport sticker through the delegacy.

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1.1. Vietnam e-visa how many days

30 days is the validity period of the Vietnam e visa. You can thoroughly apply online without having to go to the embassy and it will take effect from the date you fill out the online Vietnam visa application.

vietnam visa length of stay

Vietnam visa how many days?

Businesses and tourists love to use Vietnam e-visa because of its convenience. However, it is only valid once, so if you want to come to Vietnam many times, you will have to apply for multiple visas.


1.2. Vietnam visa on arrival length of stay

Vietnam Visa on arrival length of stay is divided into Tourist Visa and Business Visa.

1.2.1. Tourist visa on arrival

Tourist visa Vietnam on arrival has 4 different types depending on the needs of tourists. In which, 2 of these types are only valid for a month and the validity of the other 2 types are maintained for 3 months. With every kind of tourist visa, you will have single or multiple entry forms. If you use multiple entries, visa Vietnam will not limit the number of visits for a period of 1 or 3 months.

vietnam visa length of stay

Tourist visa on arrival


1.2.2. Business visa on arrival

Business visa on arrival is divided into 6 variants and the duration will last from 1 month to 1 year depending on the type. For 1-month and 3-month business visas, both single entry and multiple entry variants are available. The other two variants are 6 months and 1 year, there is no limit to the number of trips to Vietnam, as long as it takes place within the validity of the Visa.

vietnam visa length of stay

Business visa on arrival


1.3. Passport-sticker long-term visa for Vietnam

Many people wonder: “How much is a visa to Vietnam?”. We will If you apply for a visa through the embassy, the visa Vietnam cost will be higher than when applying for a Vietnam visa online. This comes from the manual work done by the consular staff of the embassy.

Types of Visas you can apply for include:

  • 1 month validity for single Vietnam entry visa.
  • 1 month validity for multiple entries.
  • 3 months validity for single entry.
  • 3 months validity for multiple entries.
  • 6 months validity for multiple entries.
  • 12 months validity for multiple entries.


2. How to get Vietnam visa long term?

If you want to travel in Vietnam longer, Vietnam visa length is something you need to pay attention to. To be able to stay in Vietnam longer than the validity of your Visa, you will need to apply to one of the immigration authorities in Vietnam.

vietnam visa how many days

How to get Vietnam visa long term?

You can register in two ways:

  • Depending on the type of visa available, you will extend the length of time that you want to stay in Vietnam. If your visa lasts for 1 month, the extension will be extended by 1 month.
  • If you want to change your visa to another type or want to apply for a visa exemption, you can also extend your Vietnam visa.


3. Contact Wolo Tours visa service for Vietnam visa length

Wolo Tours visa service is a unit cooperating with Vietnam Immigration Department, specializing in providing online Visas for tourists to visit Vietnam quickly and conveniently. This is a website with a clear and reliable immigration process. Using services at Wolo Tours will help customers save time, and budget and quickly complete registration procedures to enjoy their trip.

vietnam visa length of stay

Wolo Tours help you with your Vietnam visa


If you are looking for a reputable Vietnamese law enforcement agency, please contact Wolo Tours immediately for Vietnam visa guide.

So this article has helped you better understand about Vietnam visa length of stay. We hope that the information we provide has helped you gain more useful knowledge about Vietnam visa service. Any questions please contact us for answers. WOLO Tours is looking forward to your best experience.


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