Vietnam Work Visa For Foreigners 2023

vietnam work visa
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Vietnam work visa is a type of visa for foreigners working in Vietnam in enterprises, organizations and non-governmental organizations. It  is an essential document in addition to a work permit. This article will provide you with sufficient information about the work visa for Vietnam, requirements you need and how to apply for it.

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1. Types of Vietnam work visa

Work visa Vietnam is divided into 2 types, including LD1 and LD2:  

  • LD1 Visa: is a type of visa granted to foreigners working in Vietnam with confirmation that they are not eligible for a work permit, unless otherwise provided for in an international treaty to which Vietnam is a member.
  • LD2 Visa: is a type of visa issued to foreigners working in Vietnam who are required to have a work permit.

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2. Requirements for Vietnam working visa

A Vietnam working visa is granted to foreigners who come to Vietnam to work for a certain period of time. To apply for this visa, foreigners need to meet the following conditions:

  • Have a passport or a valid international travel document.
  • There are agencies, organizations and individuals in Vietnam to invite or guarantee.
  • Not falling into the cases of not allowing entry as specified in Article 21 of the Law on Immigration of Vietnam No. 47/2014/QH13.

If the foreign worker is guaranteed or invited by an agency or organization to work with an enterprise in Vietnam:

  • Agencies or organizations that invite or guarantee foreigners to work are enterprises established under Vietnamese law. 
  • Agencies and organizations that invite or guarantee foreigners must conform to their functions, tasks, and powers prescribed by law or granted operation licenses.

A set of documents to apply for a work visa Vietnam for foreigners requires the following documents:

  • Health certificate: you must have a health certificate in your home country, confirming that you are healthy enough to work.
  • Criminal record certificate – A certificate that you have no criminal record issued by the competent authority in your country within the last six months.
  • Proof of your occupation – you must submit documents from previous employers, proving you worked there.
  • Copy of your degree.
  • Passport size picture.
vietnam work visa

Work permit is a necessary document to work in Vietnam

In addition, you need to prepare the following additional documents:

  • Vietnam work permit application form
  • Your employment contract
  • Approval from the Commission to allow them to use foreign workers
  • Their business registration certificate

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3. How to obtain a Vietnam work visa

Vietnam work visa process includes 5 steps below:

Step 1: Company in Vietnam prepares documents

The Vietnam-based company will act as a guarantor and prepare the following documents to apply for a foreigner work permit:

  • The operation license of the company of the company/office where the foreigner is working
  • Certificate of using the Company’s seal
  • Form NA16 – Declaration of registration of seal engraving and signature of the legal representative of the enterprise operating in Vietnam
  • Form NA5 – Application for visa, visa extension, extension of temporary residence for foreigners in Vietnam.
  • 01 photo 3*4cm
  • Work permit or work permit exemption.
  • Copy of valid passport

Step 2: Submit your application

The representative of the unit where the foreigner is working will submit the above dossier at the Vietnam Immigration Department or the Immigration Department of the Police Department of the province or city where the unit is headquartered.

After submitting the application and paying the visa fee, the applicant will receive an appointment letter stating the expected date of receiving the visa processing result.

Note: Fax fee must be paid in case of stamping work visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate abroad. Application time: Monday to Friday, Saturday morning.

Step 3: Receive official letter to issue Vietnam work visa

The company representative, on the scheduled date, will go to the Immigration Department to receive the visa dispatch.

Step 4: Notify foreign workers

After receiving the official letter, the agency shall notify the foreigner via email, fax or courier so that the foreigner can carry out visa procedures.

vietnam work visa

Vietnam working visa for foreigners

Step 5: Get the visa and pay the fee

At this step, foreigners need to submit some documents as follows at the headquarters of the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate in the host country:

  • Form NA1 – Vietnam visa application form with photo 3x4cm
  • Valid original passport
  • A copy of the visa issuance letter issued by the Immigration Department/Vietnam Office and pay the visa issuance fee levied by the embassy/consulate to have the work visa stamped on the passport.

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4. How long does it take to get a work visa in Vietnam?

Time to submit documents, carry out procedures for granting Vietnam work visa to foreigners according to regulations is usually 5-7 working days (from the time of submission of valid documents, excluding weekends and holidays). The time to receive the visa result will be specified in the receipt when the business or organization submits the application at the one-stop department at the Immigration Department.

A work visa Vietnam is usually valid for a maximum of 2 years. In case the work permit is not valid for 2 years, the duration of the visa for foreigners will be equal to the duration of the work permit.

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5. Difference between Vietnam work visa and Vietnam business visa

Many foreigners often confuse between a Vietnam working visa and a business visa. Actually, these two types of visas are completely different as follow: 

  • Business visas are issued to people coming to work with businesses based in Vietnam. Meanwhile, a Work visa for Vietnam is issued to people who come to work for a company or office in Vietnam. 
  • Business visas are applied online or in person at Vietnamese embassies/consulates abroad by foreigners themselves. However, Work visa for Vietnam is applied in Vietnam by the company where the foreigner works and then stamped at the embassy abroad by the foreigner himself.
  • Applying for a business visa does not require a work permit, but applying for a Vietnam working visa does.
  • Work visas may be valid longer than business visas.
  • With a Work visa Vietnam, a person can apply for a temporary residence card while he or she cannot do so with a business visa.

Vietnam business visa is completely different from Vietnam working visa


We provided you with general information about the Vietnam work visa and Vietnam work visa process as well as the difference between the Vietnam working visa and the Vietnam business visa. Hope this article will provide you with necessary and useful information! 

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